6 Tips to Fix Service Park Assist System Jeep Warning

Park assist system has become essential nowadays. It is an intricate system consisting of sensors, cameras, and a module. But sometimes, it malfunctions. You get an error message on your Jeep display that says service park assist system. 

Its appearance indicates that you might have faulty sensors, or your sensors are dirty or covered by something, or there are issues with systems related to the park assist system, or you have electrical problems, or you have a faulty park assist module or electronic shift module. 

Service Park Assist System Jeep
Service Park Assist System Jeep Warning

More often than not, it happens to Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Commander drivers.

You have to troubleshoot the problem and find out the exact cause. Then you can try the solution. The procedure is detailed below. 

First, check the connectors and sensors and then replace the sensors if necessary and then the module.

What Does the Service Park Assist System Mean?

Park assist system uses cameras and sensors to detect objects behind you and warn you if you get too close to them. It helps you avoid them, preventing you from damaging your car. Service park assist system appears on your Jeep when something is preventing the park assist system from working correctly.

When the system malfunctions, you’ll get a service park assist system error message on your display when you try to reverse. There will be a sound, once per ignition cycle. The message will stay on as long as you are in reverse. 

Sometimes you’ll see clean park assist sensors if your sensors are dirty, preventing them from normal operation. You can also get a parking system blocked message if something is blocking those sensors and cameras, like a trailer. 

Service Park Assist System: Why does it come on?

Jeeps have the park assist system to help you cover your blind spots while parking and keep your car from damage or scratches. When the system detects a problem, it deactivates for the time being. 

The common causes for which the system can deactivate are listed below. You need to know about them so you don’t get worried the next time you see the service park assist system on your Jeep. 

One or More Dirty/Faulty Sensors

Sensors are the most crucial component of the park assist system. They provide information to the system, which helps determine the car’s position relative to its surroundings. 

There are several types of sensors in your vehicle: radar and proximity. If the signal from those sensors is incorrect or there is no signal, you’ll get a service park assist system Jeep error. 

There are different factors behind the issue: 

  • Your sensors could be just excessively dirty. Snow may have covered it. Even dead insects latched onto sensors can cause problems. Sometimes after cleaning a dirty car, residues of dirt or debris can get stuck at the edges of the sensors.
  • After some time, water and condensation get inside the sensor if you drive through water or muddy road. This causes the sensors to short out.
  • It could also be one or more damaged sensors or faulty wiring. You might think nothing is damaged if you get into an accident or bump into something. But the sensors are fragile. Hence they get damaged easily. You must replace those sensors in that situation.
  • Sometimes people add extra large fenders and accessories that block the pathways of the sensors. Sometimes they hook up a trailer. The system can disengage because of that as well. 

Problems with One or More Systems Related to Park Assist

The park assist system works with your 

  • break system 
  • power steering 
  • throttle 
  • transmission system.

After acquiring information, the park assist system directs these systems to help the driver. Therefore, if one or more of these systems fails, the park assist system will shut off. 

Fortunately, your car detects these issues long before the park assist system. You can feel the problem if you are an experienced driver. If you don’t, there is a good chance that you’ll find relevant error codes if you hook up a scanner.

Electrical Issues

The sensors, park assist system, and other systems constantly communicate with the control module when you are in reverse. The system will fail if there are any electrical problems like a loose connection, short circuit, or blown fuse. 

Batteries power all these systems. A faulty battery causes all sorts of trouble in a car. Sometimes, faulty connections drain the battery even when the engine is shut off.

The park sensor connector is down below. So water or dirt can get in them quickly. It results in corrosion and bad connection.

Damaged Wiring

You might have damaged or faulty wiring. The terminals and plugs might not be connected properly. Loose connections could prevent the system from operating correctly. If your park assist components have no voltage, there is a problem. 

Blown Fuses

Fuses prevent the components from short-circuit. A blown fuse will cause issues. It can cause the park assist system to freak out. 

Park Assist Module is Not Working

Jeeps nowadays have a park assist module. It controls the sensors by sending power and receiving signals. It also calculates the distance between different objects and the car. It is the brain of the system. 

Very rarely, this module can become faulty and malfunction. Then the main computer deactivates the park assist system, and the service park assist system message appears.

Faulty Electronic Shift Module

Sometimes your electronic shift module (ESM) can become faulty. It has a circuit board inside that malfunctions occasionally. When that happens, all the system related to it acts crazy. Because many systems get a signal to change modes when you change gear or go to reverse. Hence surprisingly, you get a park assist system error when you have a problem with your ESM.

Service Park Assist System Jeep Commander
Jeep Commander: Service Park Assist System

How Do You Service Park Assist System?

1. Clean the Park Assist System Sensors

If you get the error message, first check the condition of the rear sensors. If they seem dirty, you should clean the sensors. 

If you troubleshoot the system, some cars let you know exactly which sensor is not working. It’s best to clean all of them from time to time.

Clean the sensors with water and carwash soap. Use a microfiber cloth. Do not use anything that might scratch them. Do not poke or press hard at the sensors. 

Take special care to clean the sensors if they are covered with mud or snow. Otherwise, they could get damaged. 

Clean the sensors regularly; otherwise, the system might not detect objects behind you or falsely indicate something is behind you.

2. Replace Your Park Assist System Sensors

First, take the sensors apart and clean them. If they aren’t too severely corroded, you can save them. If you have determined that your park assist sensors are faulty, then replace the sensors. That should make the error go away.

3. Check Your Batteries, Fuses, and Wiring 

Load-test your batteries to confirm that they are working. Then check for a blown fuse. Make sure they are correctly seated. 

Also, make sure that all the terminals and plugs are connected tightly. Check your ground connection with a meter. 

Check the sensor connectors. Verify that they are not loose and that there is no corrosion. Put some electric grease on them. If you drive through water and mud often, apply electric grease heavily to the car’s underside connections. You’ll need some time to do it, but it’s worthwhile.

4. Replace the Park Assist Module 

If the park assist module is not working, then get a replacement. That should solve that issue. But before replacing it, you should reset the system to see if it works. 

It’s under the rear left middle seat. You can replace it by folding and tumbling the second-row seat without any tools.

5. Reset the Park Assist System

When you get a service park assist system error on your Jeep, reset the system. You can do that in two ways:

  1. Disconnect The Battery: Disconnect your batteries. Wait for 10-15 minutes. Then reconnect your batteries. Your Jeep will reset completely after that. Your park assist system should be working now.
  2. Press and hold the Parksense Button: There is a Parksense button under the touch screen. When the system is turned on, the button’s light illuminates. Press and hold the Parksense button for 10-15 seconds. You’ll hear a long beep. 

Your park assist system is now reset. It should work normally. This is the easiest way to reset the system.

If there is a specific problem that we have discussed above, then resetting the system won’t be effective. The error will come back. You should focus on troubleshooting the exact problem and solving it.

6. Replace the Electronic Shift Module

First, take the ESM apart and clean the guts. Replace the ESM if that doesn’t work. Expect the problem to persist because these Jeep ESM modules have some design issues.

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Final Words

The park assist system of your Jeep is a handy feature. It makes parking effortless and prevents minor accidents. But you should check where you’re going and don’t depend on it too much. To keep your park assist system working, service it regularly. Keep the sensors clean. If you face a service park assist system error on your Jeep, you should be able to troubleshoot and rectify the issue.

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