Should You Use Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter? How to Maintain?

The sky one-touch power top feature is becoming increasingly popular. It opens and closes with just a single press of a button, making it easier to enjoy the open-air experience. However, like any feature, it has its pros and cons. I’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision, whether you’re considering buying a car with a sky one-touch power top or just curious about how it works in the winter. But, You can use the sky one-touch power top in winter without any problem, even with heavy snowfall or rain.

Sky One-Touch Power Top

Sky one-touch power top is a roof option for the Jeep. It combines a power soft top center section that slides open or shut with the push of a button to expose the first and second rows to the sun and elements with the Jeep hard top’s flip-up tailgate glass, hard rear side windows, and fiberglass rails. Whether rolling down a trail, sitting still, or crossing a road, you can quickly open and close the roof section.

In contrast to other roof options, the Jeep Wrangler sky one-touch power top provides a quiet cabin when closed. Its panels don’t need to be manually removed and stored; they provide insulation and privacy when used as a roof. There’s a good reason why this is the best power roof for the Jeep Wrangler.  

Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter
Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter

Should You Drive a Jeep with a Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter?

Yes, driving in the winter is excellent with sky one-touch power tops. The Jeep heats up fast with a sky one-touch power top. The heaters and seat warmers warm up quickly. The Jeep stays nice and toasty, even 15 or 21 degrees outside. Snow and rain are repelled by a fully proofed fabric.

Ensure that all windows are properly closed and are raised all the way. Windows can shift from their original positions over time, leaving spaces for drafts and wind noise. As the sky one-touch power top ages, make sure the fabric has not shrunk away from the roof frame, which can lead to gaps, wind noise, and water leaks.

No matter how old your sky one-touch power top is, preparing it for winter is crucial. Check the seals (frequently overlooked when washing and cleaning the car) and open the roof system on a nice day to thoroughly check for dirt and debris buildup.

How Much Snow Can Sky One-Touch Power Top Withstand in Winter?

You’ll have no problems from snow accumulation on the sky one-touch power top in winter. When it’s cold outside, I wouldn’t try to open the top or drive without first brushing it off (the top of any car should be brushed off before you drive).

The product is faulty if it leaks, bends, or collapses because of snow. Usually, like a typical roof, snow blows or melts off. The sky one-touch power top appears to already have a water-repellent coating.

The weight limit of the sky one-touch power top is 300 lb. Depending on the amount of moisture, snow can weigh between 1 and 21 pounds per cubic foot. It could be a problem depending on the amount of snow and whether it’s wet or heavy. Although, people reported 6″ -15″ of snow overnight with no issues. 

Advantages of Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter

If you go for a sky one-touch power top for your Jeep, there are several advantages you can enjoy. Here are the most important benefits to keep in mind:

  • More Immersive and Engaging Driving Experience: The sky one-touch power top gives you a more immersive and enjoyable driving experience. The open-air design makes driving more pleasurable and memorable when you can take in the sunshine, breeze, and road sounds. 
  • Enhanced Security: The sky one-touch power top has cutting-edge security features that protect your car and possessions. The power top can be operated remotely with your key fob, making it simple to close the roof from a distance. 
  • Better Visibility: The sky one-touch power top provides better visibility than conventional convertible tops. It is simpler to take in the scenery and keep an eye on the road thanks to the large glass panel’s clear view of the sky and surroundings.
  • Improved Weather Protection: The sky one-touch power top’s weather-resistant construction shields you and your car from the elements like wind, rain, and snow. Thanks to the roof’s use of premium materials to withstand extreme weather, you and your vehicle will be protected no matter the weather.
  • Comfortable: The sky one-touch power top is more comfortable than conventional convertible tops. Its roomy cabin has plenty of headroom and legroom. In addition, the power top is outfitted with a cutting-edge climate control system that maintains a cozy and constant temperature inside the cabin, whatever the weather outside.
  • Simple Maintenance: The sky one-touch power top is built for simple maintenance. High-quality, long-lasting materials that are simple to clean and maintain are used to construct the roof. It is also outfitted with a monitoring system that warns you of potential problems, keeping your vehicle in top condition simple.

How to Remove Ice and Snow from Your Jeep’s Sky One-Touch Power Top?

The best way to handle ice and snow on a sky one-touch power top may seem obvious to some, but it should be understood immediately. Especially considering the rising number of new Jeep owners.

Therefore, you should resist using your ice scraper when you see ice or snow on your sky one-touch power top. If you scrape, the snow might come off, but you’ll leave behind deep scratch marks. Additionally, the warranty for the sky one-touch power top will not cover that kind of damage if the top is brand new.

Another thing to avoid is slamming your hands or arms against the top to “bump” off accumulated snow. You may think the light snow will simply fall off, but you’ll puncture your top and buy new ones.

So what should you do to get that stuff off your top and continue your journey?

It’s best to simply turn the heat to high while warming up the car and let the ice and snow melt. Yes, this does require some advance planning because it will take the heater 5 to 10 minutes to work effectively and remove those obstructions. 

Some people have also bought covers and covered their sky one-touch power tops for the night. Even though this might function somewhat successfully, you should proceed cautiously each time the overlay top is removed.

jeep wrangler sky one-touch power top in winter
Jeep Wrangler Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter

How to Maintain Sky One-Touch Power Top in Winter?

Here are some easy ways to keep your sky one-touch power top in excellent condition this winter:

1. Get Ready for Winter

Preventative maintenance is vital to keeping soft tops in good shape throughout the winter. Condition your roof as fall draws to a close. This will make it more water- and ice-resistant.

You’ll need a soft brush and a protectant. Apply a layer of protectant to help seal the sky one-touch power top from winter dampness after using the brush to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Clear Drains and Clean Soft Top Seals

Clear the drains, check, and clean the seals. Ask your garage to clear and blow out all front and rear drains for yearly maintenance, and thoroughly clean the seals with a warm, soapy cloth. To form a bond and prevent water infiltration, seals only function when the two surfaces in contact are clean and free of debris. Their design will be hampered by the accumulation of dirt and debris, and the cabin and boot areas will become smelly and wet. Lubricating and rejuvenating the seals may be an effective way to restore older seals.

3. Remove Ice and Snow Slowly

If snow and ice get on your Jeep, carefully brush them with a soft brush. Avoid using an ice scraper on the sky one-touch power top or, if your Jeep has vinyl windows, the windows.

Using an ice scraper on your car’s glass windows should be done cautiously. The sky one-touch power top can be accidentally scratched with just one slip of the hand.

4. Invest in a Breathable, Water-Resistant Cover

Although keeping a Jeep in a garage is ideal, not everyone has this option. Instead of using a tarpaulin, which can trap moisture, think about investing in a high-quality cover that is water-resistant yet breathable, thicker for cars parked outside, and fitted snugly. If the cover flaps in the wind and hits the paint job, it might cause more damage than good.

5. Park Wisely

Keeping your car in the garage is the safest option in the winter. However, it’s usually safe to leave it outside if you don’t have access to a garage. Watch the accumulation of snow on the roof. Snow and ice accumulations more significant than a few inches thick will weigh down the roof.

6. Keep it Clean

Touchless car washes will assist in keeping your SOT clean throughout the winter. Another easy way to keep your SOT clean and free of road salt grime is to frequently wash your car. Washing your car by hand is usually best if the weather permits. Take it to a soft-touch, or touch-free car wash if that isn’t an option.


What is the Price of the Jeep Wrangler Sky One-Touch Power Top?

On four-door Unlimited Jeep Wranglers with the Rubicon or Sahara trim levels, the Jeep Wrangler sky one-touch power top is an option. The Sky option costs the most of the three, so the Freedom and Sunrider tops triumph over the Sky one-touch power top.

Among the roofs available for the Jeep Wrangler, the Jeep Wrangler sky one-touch power top may be the most expensive, but that’s only because it’s the best. This is the option for you if you want to drive around Frisco, Texas, with the top down but still want to be able to do so easily when the time comes.

Does the Sky One-Touch Power Top Create Noise?

Compared to the Sunrider top options, the Sky one-touch power top provides a more peaceful cabin environment. It is made of a denser material than the Sunrider tops, which allows it to block sound more effectively. When this roof is folded back by itself, it will make a little more noise than the other two, but no one will notice because the sun will shine through the newly opened roof.

Is the Jeep Sky One-Touch Power Top Removable?

Like the Freedom top panels and Sunrider tops, the Sky one-touch power top cannot be removed. This is because the sky one-touch power top folds itself out of the way at the touch of a button. You can avoid storing the panels and accidentally damaging the top when putting and taking off the top by not having to remove the panels by hand.

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Final Words

The sky one-touch power top is a cutting-edge feature that offers drivers and passengers numerous advantages. This feature improves the driving experience and makes traveling more pleasurable and memorable. It provides convenient one-touch operation, better weather protection, and increased comfort. The sky one-touch power top offers a more relaxing, convenient, and enjoyable experience, whether driving down the road or running errands around town. If you are considering it, don’t hold back thinking of its efficiency during the winter. The sky one-touch power top in winter is not an issue at all.

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