Uconnect Update File Not Supported – Why? What to Do?

Updating your Uconnect software system keeps your car running at its best and stops security leaks. Owners can update their Uconnect Systems by requesting a USB drive with the software preloaded on it, installing it themselves, or bringing it to a reputable dealership. If you don’t follow the proper steps when updating the software, you might encounter problems like the “Uconnect update file not supported”.

It may occur if you use a USB stick that is too big, download the corrupt file, fail to extract the files, or keep other files on your USB disk. If you’re experiencing this issue or need help updating your UConnect software, look no further and follow this step-by-step tutorial.

What Causes the “Uconnect Update File Not Supported” Error?

You may encounter the “Uconnect update file not supported” error for the following reasons:

  • You are using a USB drive that is too big. A large USB drive won’t be recognized by your Jeep. Try to use a 4-32 GB USB drive that will work.
  • The file extraction might not name the .iso file correctly after download and extraction. You’re almost there if you have a file named “example name.iso.” Just rename the.iso file above to swdl.iso.
  • Many supposedly “new” USB sticks are not formatted in FAT32. After completely formatting the new USB drive with FAT32, extract each file from the downloaded file onto the USB drive. You’ll need the WinRAR software if you are a Windows user.
  • You may have already formatted the USB stick altogether, but some people need to remember to do so before attempting to use it to download a Uconnect software update. Because of that, sometimes some invisible/system files are present, which causes problems with the update installation.
  • Sometimes people use encrypted USB drives without realizing it. Ensure the correct files are on the flash drive and that it is not encrypted.
  • You might have placed the files in a folder. Make sure the correct files are on the flash drive and that there are no extra folders or incorrect files inside any additional folders.
  • You are on an outdated version. Going up to 18.XX.XX is not working.
  • Your radio has problems and needs to be replaced.

Once you fix these errors, the system should be updated and function flawlessly.

How Do You Fix the “Uconnect Update File Not Supported” Error?

If the Uconnect software update is not working and you encounter the error “Uconnect update file not supported,” it may be because you did not format your USB correctly, did not format your USB as instructed, did not format your USB update correctly, did not save the latest Uconnect update as a ZIP file, or any of the other reasons listed above. You should download the update, format the flash disk, and repeat the installation procedure. Now, learn how to update Uconnect with USB.

The Correct Way to Update the Uconnect System:

The conditions and procedures to follow when updating Uconnect with USB are listed below:


  • A computer with a browser installed, such as Google Chrome.
  • Connection to the internet.
  • Your Jeep’s vehicle identification number (VIN). You can find your vehicle’s VIN by looking for the sticker in the driver’s door jamb or the lower left corner of the dashboard.
  •  4 GB USB Drive or greater (ideally no less than 32 GB).
  • Anti-theft Code (only accessible at a CDJR dealership).


  1. To get a new Uconnect update, copy files from the USB drive to someplace safe. Insert the drive into a USB port, then choose “format” from the context menu of the flash drive icon. Select FAT32 and quick format from the format options.
  2. Use your browser to navigate the Uconnect software update page to check for updates, you will be required to enter the entire 17-digit VIN of your car.
  3. You will see the software update download button if you have a pending update. If you are eligible for more than one update, a prompt will ask you to download the Akamai NetSession Interface to help you manage multiple files. It is not necessary to download Akamai because it aids in managing multiple files simultaneously. If you have just one pending update, you will not need Akamai. Opt for option number two. 
  4. Right-click the link to the update download and save the files as a ZIP file when you see it.
  5. Disable your pop-up blocker and delete your cookies and browsing history if you can’t see the pop-up or page. Close the browser, and reopen it.
  6. It’s a .zip file, so after it downloads, find the file on your USB drive and choose Extract All from the context menu. Use the browse for destination option in the pop-up to select the letter your USB drive is assigned to. Save only the files in the zip file to your flash drive, not the zip file itself. Depending on the update version, there should be 2–5 files. Remove the USB drive from the computer safely.  
  7. Make sure there is no folder containing unzipped or uncompressed Uconnect update files. If so, move them outside. Delete the empty folder. To sum up, the unzipped files will be the only ones on the flash drive. You should now be able to update.
  8. Since Uconnect only permits one update at a time, you must open each ZIP file, transfer it to your USB, update it in the car, bring the USB back, empty it, and repeat the process for each additional update. You will have to undergo this process even with sub-folders.
  9. Wait to insert the flash into the car. Start the vehicle. Await until fully booted.
  10. Insert your USB drive containing the downloaded software update after unplugging any USB or SD cards attached to your Uconnect system.
  11.  Set the ignition to run.
  12. Wait for the system to check the files.
  13. A screen pop-up will now appear and ask you if you want to upgrade your Uconnect software.
  14. Your Uconnect system will copy files from your USB if you select Yes. (Note that the Uconnect software update may take up to 30 minutes.
  15. You will need an anti-theft code, which a dealership can provide. Ensure you have the code before starting the update. You have to input the code before updating it. You must wait for a half-hour before trying again if you enter the code incorrectly thrice.
  16. When you’re finished, the radio will restart. The radio will assume you want to update again because the flash drive will still be inserted into the port. A message will ask if you want to update from version 18.45.01 to version 18.45.01. You’ll know the update was successful once you see that message. Remove the flash drive.
  17. Your Uconnect has now been updated to the most recent version of its software, and you have avoided paying your dealer to update it, which could have cost you money.

Check out the video below for instructions on how to update your Jeep Uconnect system if you’re looking for a visual guide:

What if You Have an Older Version Installed?

Download the 17.XX.XX package first. Then install the 17.XX.XX package. When you’re finished, the radio will restart. The radio will believe you want to update again because the flash drive will still be in the port. A message will ask if you want to update from version 17.43.01 to version 17.43.01. When you see that message, you can tell the update was successful. Take out the USB drive.

We can now make a new flash drive and put version 18.XX.XX on it. Once you’re done there. The procedure will be repeated with the 18.XX.XX files. Start the car, insert the flash drive, and proceed as you did for the 17.XX.XX update. Pull out the flash drive when it reboots and asks if you want to upgrade from version 18.45.01 to 18.45.01. You’re done.

This way you’ll have no Uconnect update problems. Please thoroughly read the step-by-step instructions included with your upgrade package. It specifies which software versions you can upgrade without going to the dealer and which ones you can’t.

Things You Should Avoid While Updating

  • Use USB 2.0 whenever possible because it performs better in Jeeps than USB 3.0/3.1 drives.
  • Use only modern USB drives; legacy USB drives should not be used.
  • Put a battery tender/charger on your Jeep if it isn’t running. The 17.XX.XX update takes some time to install, so you don’t want your battery to run out (especially DURING the update).
  • Avoid interrupting the update process at all costs because doing so could damage your Uconnect software.
Jeep Wrangler: Uconnect Update File Not Supported

Why Is It Essential to Update Your Uconnect Software?

Whenever a new update is available, we advise updating your Uconnect software. The main goals of Uconnect updates are bug fixes, new features, and security improvements that stop remote car hackers from remotely accessing your data, exploiting it, and seizing control of your car.

Most people eagerly anticipate updating their Uconnect software, whether to fix problems with their Uconnect Infotainment System or take advantage of newly released features in a new version of the UConnect software.

Your Uconnect system must be updated if the current software version is lower than 18.45.01. Software updates are currently available on Uconnect’s official website. With this update, GPS functionality will be accurate. I would advise finding out if this update is accessible for your vehicle. If so, you can update your car at home by downloading the necessary software to a USB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is the Uconnect Update Not Recognizing the USB?

If your Uconnect system isn’t recognizing the USB drive with the update files, there could be a few reasons.

  • First, ensure the USB drive is formatted to FAT-32 and that the SWDL.ISO file is the only item on the drive. If you’ve extracted the files from a folder, try moving them outside the folder on the USB drive.
  • Sometimes, outdated software in your Uconnect system can cause compatibility issues with new update formats. In such cases, it’s best to visit your Jeep dealer to have multiple updates performed to bring your system up to date.
  • Additionally, ensure that the USB port and device are compatible and in good condition, as damaged or dirty ports or malfunctioning devices can also prevent the update from being recognized. 

Why Does the Uconnect Say the Device Is Not Supported?

Due to several reasons, you may encounter the “device not supported” error on your Uconnect screen. Firstly, ensure your Android version is at least 5.0 (Lollipop), as older versions may not work well. Check that you use the correct USB port and cable, as connection issues can arise otherwise.

Keep your Uconnect app and smartphone updated to avoid compatibility problems. Also, ensure that your Uconnect app version matches your vehicle’s model for seamless operation.

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Final Words

Your Uconnect system needs to be updated, and having a reputable garage do it for you will run you anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Updating your Uconnect system is a risky procedure. You must understand each step of the process and be well-prepared. Understand the requirements to complete the Uconnect software update. You will receive the error “Uconnect update file not supported” otherwise.

Some potential problems you might run into are highlighted, along with suggestions for how to fix them. I hope this guide will be beneficial and enable a trouble-free Uconnect software update for you. 

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  1. We have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Got a notice on the screen the other day “update available, do you want to update. Yes or No” I touched Yes. It started updating, then came up with “error 20 contact Uconnect”. I did and person said to take to dealer. Being a Saturday I couldn’t get it to a dealer till Monday. Monday car was totally dead. Had it towed to dealer, jumping it didn’t work. Dealer diagnosed it as needing a new unit. Now I am dealing with Chrysler Jeep customer service. They seemed to indicate I did nothing wrong….
    Question is: Is this a known problem with these systems?

    1. Yes, “error 20 contact Uconnect” during the software update is a common issue. When it happens, the whole unit is usually replaced.

    1. The embedded air card failure code indicates that there is a problem with the embedded air card in your vehicle. The embedded air card is responsible for providing cellular connectivity for features such as Uconnect, navigation, and hands-free calling.

      If you see this code on your Jeep dashboard, it means that you will not be able to use any of the features that rely on the embedded air card.

      The embedded air card may malfunction for a few reasons. The card itself may be damaged. Or there can be a problem with the antenna that connects the card to the vehicle’s cellular network.

      In some cases, the embedded air card can be repaired. However, in other cases, the card may need to be replaced. The cost of repairs will depend on the problem.

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