How To Turn Off Jeep Lights When Doors Are Open? 3 Easy Solutions

Despite the Jeep interior light’s usefulness, this trait can cause trouble sometimes. Especially when you open the doors of your Jeep at night, an outsider can see inside the Jeep. In addition, there are a variety of other circumstances in which a Jeep owner may choose to turn off the interior light when the doors are open. So, how to turn off Jeep lights when doors are open? Using the dimmer switch, pulling out the door switch defeat fuse, and tapping the door sensor are three alternatives for turning off the Jeep’s interior lights when the doors are open.

How to turn off Jeep lights when doors are open

One of the simplest ways to turn off the inside lights in your Jeep while opening the doors is to use the dimmer switch for your dash lights. If you scroll down the dimmer, the interior lights in your Jeep will be shut off unless you hit the button to turn them back on.

Here I’ll go through the possible options for preventing your Jeep’s lights from staying on when the doors are open, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each. So, let’s get started!

How to Turn Off Jeep Lights When Doors Are Open?

Interior lights, often known as dome lights, are a common feature of four-wheeled vehicles. They usually have on/off/auto lighting switches overhead. Automatic dome lights turn on and off when a door opens and occasionally when the engine is started. These lights make it safer for passengers to sit and buckle their seat belts.

However, you can turn off your Jeep’s interior lights even while you open your doors in three ways. They are as follows:

1. Using the Dimmer Switch:

The speedometer-shaped thumb wheel on the left side of the steering wheel serves as the dimmer. The inside lights can be gradually lowered to “off” using the thumb wheel. After that point, the lights inside will not switch back on, even if you open your Jeep’s doors.

The thumb wheel is convenient for turning off interior lights but has a drawback. It also lowers the dashboard lights along with the interior lights. So, I suggest you shut down the inside lights using the dimmer switch before getting out of your Jeep and return the thumb wheel to its initial position when you shut off the doors again. Thus, your dashboard lights, essential while driving your Jeep, will again be in your line of sight.

2. Pull Out the Door Switch Defeat Fuse:

First, remove the key from your Jeep and switch off the headlights. Open the glove box on the side of the Jeep where the driver sits. When the glove box is opened, a strap will be visible. Simply remove the belt from the box and separate the glove box.

Now take a look inside. You’ll see a fuse block there. The next step is to locate the “Door Switch Defeat Fuse” on the glove box’s inside panel and identify its corresponding fuse number. You may then easily pull the specific fuse out of the fuse box. We’re getting close to the finish line here. Just restore the glove box to its previous position.

Jeep Door Switch Defeat Fuse

Finally, start your Jeep as usual and ensure the interior lights are turned off, even if the doors are open. If you want to reverse this modification, reconnect the fuse similarly.

3. Tapping the Door Sensors:

You can check this out if you are still looking for more suggestions. Interestingly, with this method, minimal effort is required.

Get some thick black tape ready first. Get out your Jeep’s manual and look up the location of the door sensor. Then, tape over the sensor as if the sensor always reads, “Doors are closed.”

After that, the Jeep’s inside lights will not turn on when the doors are opened. If you open the doors, the interior lights will remain turned off, and you can still change the dashboard lighting level with the thumb wheel.

“Jeep Doors Off Lights Stay On” – Why? What to Do?

This can happen if the Jeep doors need to be shut properly. Make sure that every door is completely closed. To identify why the lights are still on, check whether the corresponding switch is functioning correctly. Make sure that the light switch is on and that it is working properly. And if the button is on, then turn it off.

Sometimes it happens that the switch is set to the “Off” position, but the interior lights are still turned on. In that case, fuse blockage is the most common reason behind this issue.

To solve this problem, as I’ve mentioned above, identify the fuse number of the interior lights from the fuse diagram. Then pull the old fuse and replace it with a new one, and your issue will be solved.

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Final Words

Many Jeep owners prefer to turn off the inside lights when getting in or out of their vehicles. I’ve presented all the possible ways to modify it. Pick the one that sounds best to you among the possibilities.

Hopefully, now you have the exact answer to your query about turning off Jeep lights when doors are open. If you have any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Keep vrooooming!

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