Jeep App vs. Uconnect App: Which One Should You Choose?

Jeep drivers are used to the Uconnect App. It comes built-in with the Jeeps. Now FCA, Jeep’s parent company, has launched a new App called “Jeep” just for Jeep users, to replace the existing “My Jeep” App.

People are getting confused about all these Apps and their features, thinking about which one to use and which is the most beneficial.

Drivers who are trying to enhance their driving experience with suitable features can use both Apps because both offer a host of features, from remote assistance to remote access.

jeep app vs. uconnect

Today I’ll talk about all these Apps and their functions, differences, and which one you should use. So, if you’re weighing your options between these Apps, read the article first.

Jeep App

The Jeep App was known as “My Jeep” for quite a while. Then Jeep rebranded the App and launched a new App called “Jeep,” clearly intending to replace the existing App. They also urge the My Jeep users through the App to download and install the new Jeep App.

The “My Jeep” App is part of SiriusXM Guardian. Jeep made its own App by using Stellantis’ own in-house connectivity, not SiriusXM Guardian. 

Since the “My Jeep” App is on its way out, we’ll talk about the “Jeep” App. Jeep App is developed in-house. From the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, it is available for free. 

Jeep has been slowly incorporating the features available to Uconnect into their Apps. Now both “My Jeep” and “Jeep” has all the features. 

With the Jeep App, you can access assistance services, read online manuals, set up appointments at your dealership, and get offers about products and services. Additionally, you can view all of your car’s details, including its maintenance schedule and history.

It also offers remote start and remote lock-unlock. It’ll show the location of your car, too. 

The Jeep App is free for all Jeep users. However, to use its features, you need a subscription to Uconnect Access.

More information about the Jeep App’s features is available here.

Uconnect App

Uconnect is the built-in infotainment system of all the cars made by FCA, the parent company of Jeep. Uconnect App lets you connect your smartphone to that system. As a Jeep owner, you can get Uconnect App on your phone to connect to your vehicle where the Uconnect system is installed and ready. 

The Uconnect app is available for iOS and Android users. It offers many features and services. It lets you control various components of your car from a remote location through your mobile device. 

You can make hands-free calls, put navigation from your mobile device to your car’s navigation system, use voice command, use remote start, lock and unlock and check your vehicle’s health status.

A wide range of safety, security, and assistance features are there. You can monitor your loved ones when they are driving your car. 

You can check for updates and recalls. Also, maintain your car through maintenance schedules and alerts. 

More information about the Uconnect App’s features is available here.

Jeep App vs. Uconnect

Remote Features vs. Entertainment

The main difference between the Jeep App and Uconnect is that the Jeep App mainly focuses on its remote features and safety, security, and assistance features. Whereas Uconnect not only has those but also has lots of entertainment features that enhance your driving experience. 

Types of Features

There’s a difference between the types of features and services they provide. More remote access and vehicle control are available through the Jeep App. In comparison, Uconnect focuses more on in-vehicle communication, hands-free calling, and navigation.

Compatible Devices

Both the Jeep App and Uconnect are compatible with iOS and Android devices. 


Both the Jeep App and Uconnect can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Uconnect is available in all vehicles produced by FCA. Don’t worry about your vehicle’s compatibility if you want to use Uconnect. 

On the other hand, the Jeep App is compatible mainly with some selected 2021 and newer models of Jeeps.


Both the Jeep App and Uconnect App have good interfaces with useful navigational features. But the Jeep App is more user-friendly. The Jeep App is tailor-made for Jeep users, whereas the Uconnect App is for different car drivers, including Fiat, Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and SRT.

Uconnect Access

The Uconnect Access is an important factor. If you are a subscriber of the Uconnect access, then you are privy to a host of features that goes hand in hand with the Uconnect App. You can then utilize your Uconnect system to its full potential.

The Jeep App also allows Uconnect Access subscribers to access many features, but they are somewhat limited. 

Dealership Locations

Both the Jeep and Uconnect App can find the dealership that’s nearest to you and let you choose between different options. You can also make appointments and calls via the Apps.

Maintenance Records

Both Apps keep track of your maintenance records. Look up your records in the App to find out when your vehicle was last serviced if you can’t recall. You can maintain your service schedule and keep your car in good condition with the aid of these apps.

Update Notifications and Safety Recalls 

The Jeep and Uconnect apps keep you up to date with timely notifications about software updates and recall. After being notified, you can visit your nearest dealership to sort it out.

Quality of Service

The Uconnect App has been there for quite some time now. Sometimes it’s a hit or miss. But usually, it works if you have a subscription. 

On the other hand, the Jeep App has just been rolled out and is not as accurate as the Uconnect App. Many people are having difficulties logging into the App after purchasing their new car.

Jeep App or Uconnect: Which is Better?
Photo Courtesy: Rick Brewer

Jeep App or Uconnect: Which is Better?

The choice between the Jeep App and Uconnect ultimately boils down to personal needs and preferences. If you want control of your vehicle, regular reports, and remote access, then the Jeep App is fine. On the other hand, if you want better entertainment facilities and vehicle connectivity, then Uconnect is a better choice.

There is a catch, though. For the full functionality of the Jeep App and Uconnect, you need the Uconnect Access subscription. If you are willing to pay for the subscription, Uconnect App is your best choice.

Jeep is going to invest and make the Jeep App better. So if you’re using the Uconnect App with or without a subscription, hold on to it until the Jeep App improves. 

If you don’t have a Uconnect subscription or don’t use the Uconnect App altogether, you can try the Jeep App. 

If you are a new owner of a Jeep, then you have a unique opportunity. You can contact a Uconnect representative to activate your free trial period of Uconnect Access and try both the Uconnect App and the Jeep App to see which one you prefer for later use.

Final Words

The Jeep App and Uconnect both provide various features and services that are pretty similar in nature. The Jeep App is only for Jeep users, offering remote access and vehicle control.

The Uconnect App, on the other hand, provides in-vehicle connectivity and entertainment. 

The Jeep and Uconnect App need a Uconnect Access subscription for better accessibility.

At the moment, the Uconnect App is slightly better with the subscription. Our recommendation is to continue using the Uconnect App. But look out for the Jeep App in the future. 

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