Troubleshooting Jeep Backup Camera Black Screen: Easy Fixes to Regain Clear Rear Vision

The backup camera in your Jeep is a helpful utility. It helps a great deal to inexperienced drivers. However, on occasion it abruptly stops functioning. It’s really annoying when your backup camera screen turns completely black. I’ll discuss the common issues to troubleshoot the Jeep backup camera black screen issue and potential solutions for them.

Mostly the backup camera screen turns black when there is a bug in the Uconnect firmware update. But corroded/loose connection, moisture or water in the unit, faulty head unit, or damaged back camera can also contribute to the issue.

jeep backup camera black screen
Jeep Backup Camera Black Screen

To solve this problem, you can soft or hard reset your head unit, fix loose connections, update back camera software, or replace the backup camera screen. Let’s get specific about these reasons for the problem and its solutions.

Reasons behind Jeep Backup Camera Black Screen Issue:

Jeep backup camera not working is common among Jeep Compass, Wrangler, Gladiator, and Grand Cherokee drivers. This issue is caused by a number of factors. They are-

Bug in the Software Update

Your Jeep receives software updates periodically. Sometimes there are bugs in those updates. In that case, your Jeep’s backup camera screen might turn black sometimes. 

Poor/Loose Connection

The camera connector and connection at the tailgate can become loose. Water or moisture can enter that connector as well. The connection can also get corrosion. If that happens, the backup camera will turn black. It might come back to life occasionally.

Damaged Back Camera

If you get into an accident and you might not notice anything from the outside, but internally, the back camera can get damaged. If that is the case, then your backup screen will turn black.

Moisture/Water in the Head Unit

After a car wash or rain, moisture can enter the head unit. Your backup camera screen will turn black. But it’ll stay black for a short amount of time. Usually, after some time, the screen comes back online.

Faulty Head Unit

If your head unit becomes faulty, you might also encounter this problem. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Backup Camera Black Screen
Jeep Grand Cherokee Backup Camera Black Screen Issue

How Do You Fix Your Jeep’s Backup Camera’s Black Screen?

Depending on the underlying cause of your issue, there are various solutions. For most people rebooting the system works. You might have to replace the faulty component if you have hardware issues. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Reboot the Head Unit

A reboot solves a lot of software-related issues. Some software updates contain bugs. A soft or hard reset should be your first option. 

To Do a Soft Reset:

After starting your Jeep, press the power button and hold 10-15 seconds. First, the screen will go dark, then come back to life. When you go to reverse, the camera screen should work.

To Do a Hard Reset:  

Put your Jeep in “Park” and “Run” mode. Press the volume and select buttons together. Hold them for 10-15 seconds. The screen should start to reboot. At that point release the buttons. After rebooting, you’ll see the Uconnect home page. Now try reversing and checking the backup camera screen. It should work at this point.

Update the Back Camera Software

If you’re facing the problem and resetting doesn’t work, you should update the back camera software. Oftentimes, buggy software is the cause of the issue. Updating the software should remedy the issue. 

Ensure Good Connection

Check the wiring diagram to gain access to all the connections to the backup camera. Check the camera connector and the connector inside the tailgate. Make sure let aren’t loose. Clean off the corrosion. Verify the connections of all the cables. Check the power and ground wire to make sure they aren’t loose. Disassemble the tailgate and the head unit to check the connections. After that, power down the Jeep and assemble everything. Put it in reverse to check if it works again.

Put the Vehicle in “Park” for Some Time

Somehow it works for many people. If moisture gets into the unit, this will take care of it. Let your Jeep sit and park for a full day or night to do the trick.

Hard Reset the Vehicle

If the solutions mentioned above don’t work, do a hard reset. Start by unplugging the battery’s negative terminal. It is hidden by a plastic lid underneath the driver’s seat. Reconnect the terminal after waiting 5-10 minutes. 

Check the Back Camera

Make sure your back camera is working. Ensure the housing and the camera itself aren’t damaged. If there‚Äôs any damage, replace them. Also, verify the wiring harness.

Replace the Backup Camera Screen

If everything fails, then you have to replace the backup camera screen. Everything should work properly after the screen has been replaced.

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Final Words

Your backup camera is essential for you. When it doesn’t work, it’s understandably frustrating. But if you went through the article, you should be clear about why your Jeeps backup camera screen isn’t working and what are the respective solutions. Go through them one by one. You can do some of them yourself before going to the dealership. Hopefully, you get it fixed!

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