Key Fob Has Left The Vehicle: 5 Tips To Fix The Error

Many Jeep users out there often face the “Key fob has left the vehicle” – error. Some of my close ones reach out to me for possible solutions. Most of them assume the most common solution and change the battery. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Because there are also issues like – radio interference, door lock, electrical misconduct, etc.

Key Fob Has Left the Vehicle

So, how do you turn off the “Key fob has left the vehicle” warning? Today, we’ll discuss all the solutions in detail in this article. I’ll keep it as simple as possible so you can go through them all yourself. Let’s get started.

Jeep Key Fob:  

First, you’ve to know what a key fob is and how it works. If you know what you’re dealing with, it makes it easier to solve the issues that you’re having related to it, right?

So, a key fob is a hardware device that has a built-in authentication system to access devices and data securely. You can use a key fob instead of your keys to get in and start the engine of your Jeep’s engine remotely. And that’s the least that this small but powerful device does for you.

How does it work? Don’t worry! We will get into the details now.

A key fob has an RFID chip and an antenna inside it. It communicates with the RFID receiver chip installed inside the Jeep using radio frequencies. It has the ability to send multiple commands for different purposes.

Key Fob Has Left the Vehicle – Error Explained!  

When your Jeep shows that the key fob has left the vehicle, it simply means that the receiver end is not getting any signal from the fob somehow. There are several possible reasons which can cause that. Let’s now explore some of them:

key fob has left the vehicle while driving
  • Battery: You might have already predicted that this might be an issue. Because the fob depends on electricity from both ends to perform. It won’t work properly if the battery is somehow out of order or dead. Not only the key fob battery is responsible for a bad signal, but also a dead Jeep battery can cause the issue. That means you should check both the batteries.
  • Wiring: If the batteries are not the cause, then it might be the wiring of the remote system. A slight malfunction in the overall setup can ambush the performance of the fob. So, you might look into it. But if it seems too complicated for you, just go see a Jeep mechanic.
  • Door Locks: In some cases, the Jeep’s door lock turns out to be an issue behind the problem with the key fob. It can be the actuator. Try to open and close the door and lock it again for a possible solution.
  • Broken Key fob: It might also happen that your key fob is broken. You can simply open the key fob apart and look for any damage or breakage sign inside it. If there is, you must consider buying a new one.
  • Radio Interference: If the place that you’re in right now has radio interference, your key fob might not work. Because your key fob uses radio frequencies to communicate as you already know.

That’s it. These are the most common causes behind the – “Key fob has left the vehicle” Jeep error message and the key fob not getting detected. Now that you already know the problems, you’re halfway done.

Jeep Key Fob Not Working?

What if your Jeep’s key fob is not working? Are you stuck forever? That would be insane, right? Trust me, you’re not stuck for life. There are solutions. Keep reading mate, you’ll find out!

1. Change the Battery

If the key fob is not working, the first thing you should do is change its batteries. It should solve your problem most of the time because key fob batteries drain a lot.

2. Clean It

If the changing battery trick doesn’t work, try to clean it. Open the key fob up and clean it properly with a clean piece of cloth for better conductivity inside it. 

3. Reprogram the Fob

Reprogram your key fob. It may bring you a solution. You can easily do it all by yourself. Here are the easy steps on how you can reprogram the key fob.

  • Get in your Jeep; remember to take your fob and ignition key with you. Shut the doors.
  • Light up the engine. Press the lock button on your fob. Kill the engine with the key.
  • Do it exactly as step 2 says three more times. This time, keep the ignition on.  
  • You will hear the lock sounds. That means you are now in the programming mode. Hit the lock button again.
  • Turn off the ignition. You’re all done!

4. Unblock Signals

Avoid any radio interference. You should look for a lot of metal, heavy electric equipment, or radio towers. If there are any, that might cause the key fob to face network disturbances. Move away from them and try again.

5. Dead Key Fob

If none of the above works and you still need to start the Jeep engine, press the top corner of your key fob directly against your Jeep’s ignition.

All About Key Fobs:

This tiny little device is not just a remote-control device. There are some fantastic cool facts about key fobs other than just letting you in your Jeep. Let’s find them out together.

1. Starting the Engine

You can also start the engine of your Jeep with a key fob. You just have to find the start engine switch on it and press it. The engine starts up. Boom!

2. Hidden Keys

Almost all of the key fobs have a physical key inside them. So, even if the battery is completely dead, you can enter your Jeep and start it with the physical key.

3. Roll Windows Down

Do you need some cool breeze inside your Jeep? Your fob can get this done for you. Many vehicles have this feature. Press the unlock button twice; hold it the second time. You’ll see all of your Jeep’s windows opening at the same time.

4. Safety Alarm

You can keep your Jeep safe with a key fob at night. You can set your Jeep’s alarm off by pressing the key fob’s panic button.

5. Prevent Break-ins

This feature is a bonus, actually. If your key fob works from inside your home and you notice some intruders with bad intentions outside your home at night, hit the panic button. The harsh noise of your Jeep alarm will scare them away.

How Long Will the Jeep Run Without a Key Fob?

Due to the rules and regulations, car makers don’t want to turn off a moving vehicle when the key is not in range. That’s why they give you the warning on the dash that the key is not within range if the car doesn’t detect the key fob. But the car will not shut down if the key fob is out of range. It will keep running. When it runs out of gas, is manually powered off, or encounters another problem, it will eventually shut down.

But without the key fob, you cannot restart it. So, keep the engine running if the key fob is not with you.

How to Unlock the Jeep with the Key Fob Inside?

Let’s go through some methods of unlocking the Jeep with the key fob inside. Some methods will work better than others, depending on the Jeep model. 

  • You can unlock your car with your phone. Open the Uconnect app, then select the unlock option. Subscribe to Uconnect to use this feature. You’ll need phone data to use this option.
  • You can also use a Slim Jim tool to attempt to pry open the door.
  • Look for a crack in the soft-top roof. Then insert something to unlock the door from the inside.
  • You can use the auto-jiggler key to unlock the door. Just insert it into the lock and shake it. Keep the auto-jiggler key nearby to use it in emergencies.
  • You can also use a flat-head screwdriver or a clothes hanger. These aren’t too sharp and won’t scratch your Jeep if you use them properly. 

If you lock your keys inside your Jeep, wait to call the dealership. Before contacting someone directly for help, try one of these methods.

Jeep Key Fob

How Many Key Fobs Can Be Programmed into a Jeep?

There is no definitive answer; however, according to some dealers, you can use four keys simultaneously. Some technicians tested the car: key association system. They say you can program eight key fobs for a single vehicle. To begin, all you need is one functional key. You should keep the original fobs. However, replacement keys are very costly. You could spend up to $600 on a key fob from a dealer with programming. For $290.00, you can purchase the Mopar remote start kit. It includes two new keys. You need to flash them at the dealer, but they are much less expensive.

Does Cold Weather Affect Key Fobs?

Cold and hot temperatures affect every battery-powered device. Key fobs are susceptible to this issue as well. The battery life of key fobs decreases if they are left in freezing temperatures for too long. Replace the batteries first if you face issues. The front of some auto parts stores has a display that lets you check if your key fob is transmitting correctly.

Can I Use a Third-party Key Fob for My Jeep?

You can use third-party keys. You will likely get an after-market key fob if your car is ten or more years old.

You can always go to your dealership to get a spare key. But it’ll be costly. Third-party keys are less expensive options. You can get them cheaply from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and KeylessOption. 

Jeep owners can program a third-party key fob if they have two functional key fobs. The owner’s manual contains clear and straightforward programming instructions. 

But be aware that these cheap, third-party keys tend to last only a short time. We advise contacting your neighborhood locksmith to get prices on more dependable refurbished OEM or after-market keys.

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Final Words

I believe the next time your Jeep shows you the key fob has left the vehicle warning; you won’t be worrying anymore. As you already know the solutions, the problem will look familiar.

Keep in mind that key fobs are there to ease your life with your vehicle. If you’re facing difficulties while using one, the solutions are simple. You just have to think straight and look for the correct answers in the right place.

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  1. My Jeep has 2 battery. Big battery and auxiliary. Both have been changed. New key fob and still says fob has left vehicle?

    1. Hi!
      Did you check the battery life on your key fob? The problem may be brought on by a dead Jeep battery. If charging the key fob battery doesn’t work, try all of the other suggestions listed above as well. Thank you!

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