Service Passive Entry System: 7 Tips to Fix the Warning

When you open your Jeep doors, a yellow key with a wifi signal icon appears beside your mileage on your dashboard, and a message reading “Service Passive Entry System” flashes and chimes quickly, then goes away. It indicates that the Jeep’s passive entry is not working, and you need to service the passive entry system. Sometimes you’ll also see the “Service Passive Entry Vehicle will not Shut Off or Restart” message. It happens when your key isn’t making a good connection with the key fob, you have a dead/weak car battery or dead/weak key fob battery, a faulty key fob, or your system isn’t updated.

service passive entry system
Jeep Grand Cherokee: Service Passive Entry System

Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Renegade owners experience this problem mostly. Fortunately, you can solve this problem at home if you don’t need to replace anything. 

What Does “Service Passive Entry System” Mean?

Jeep passive entry system: Jeep’s passive entry system is an upgrade to remote keyless entry. It allows you to lock and unlock the Jeep’s doors without pushing the key fob. It operates automatically. The door opens upon approach or when the door handle is pulled when the user is close to the vehicle, and it locks when the user moves away from the car or touches it to exit.

A passive entry system device works even if stored in your pocket or bag. When the key fob is within range, it responds to the encoded messages sent out continuously by the vehicle’s module. The door opens if encrypted messages successfully link the key fob to the car. 

Passive entry systems in Jeeps have many significant benefits. A major advantage is an additional security that passive entry offers. Your car must verify the electronics in the key before it will start the engine or unlock any doors. In a crowded parking lot, you can also turn your car’s lights on and off to make it visible. When you leave your vehicle, some passive entry systems automatically lock the doors. Remote ignition is an exciting feature of passive entry. When you can start your car from afar by pressing a button, you’ll feel like a wizard.

With all these perks, people get accustomed to a passive keyless entry system. They get frustrated when Jeep’s passive entry is not working, and the passive entry system light is on. 

The passive entry system light comes on when the system doesn’t work correctly or cannot work. The system detects this and shows a “Service Passive Entry System” error on the Jeep screen. Sometimes it also shows “Service Passive Entry Vehicle will not Shut Off or Restart” as well. 

Service Passive Entry System: Why does it come on?

Fortunately, the “Service Passive Entry System” or “Service Passive Entry Vehicle will not Shut Off or Restart” error is not very hard to diagnose. They are limited to software and key fob issues mostly. 

  • Various electrical problems arise from dead/weak batteries. If your car battery dies, you can also face a “Service Passive Entry System” error on your Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Renegade.
  • Your computer system might need a reboot. You can’t be sure of it. You can try to reboot, and you’ll know when it works. There’s no harm in rebooting once in a while.
  • Sometimes the passive keyless entry light comes on because your key doesn’t make a good connection to the key fob. Sometimes it isn’t clicked into place. 
  • Your key fob battery might be low, and you might not know it. You might face the “Service Passive Entry System” or “Service Passive Entry Vehicle will not Shut Off or Restart” error in that case. 
  • Your key fob can become faulty. It usually works for other purposes but won’t for the passive entry system. When you go to your dealership, you’ll be able to be sure.
  • Your system might be missing a software update. Again you should check your dealership. 
service passive entry system jeep renegade
Jeep Renegade: Service Passive Entry System

Service Passive Entry System: How do you solve the warning?

  1. Your Jeep has a computer. Sometimes it needs a reboot. Disconnect your battery by taking the negative cable off the terminal. Wait for 15 minutes or more. If there’s any corrosion, remove it. Then reconnect the terminal and start the car. The passive entry system light should disappear. Newer Jeeps have a Quick Connect. Pressing the tiny gray button on the black plastic case will allow you to quickly and easily disconnect the battery without needing any tools. It is a straightforward process. A hard reset will remove any bugs stored in the E.C.M. It’s a good place to start, removing the “Service Passive Entry System” warning.
  2. If the passive entry system light and “Service Passive Entry System” warning is still there. Go back to your car and push the button to just turn the Jeep on but not start it to run (push the button without pushing the brake), and the vehicle will reset itself. The light and the error will be gone.
  3. If your key fob battery is dying, change the battery in your key fob. Replace your key fob battery, even though your Jeep is new. Also, check the health of your car batteries thoroughly. Get a new battery for the car if it is not working correctly.
  4. Remove the key. Wait for a minute or more. Then firmly reinsert the key into the fob. If your key fob’s battery is good, the notification light should disappear when you start your Jeep Renegade or Jeep Grand Cherokee. 
  5. If your key is faulty, nothing will work, though. Take yours to the dealership to check it. Your dealership will order you a new key. 
  6. Your Jeep might need a software update. Take your Jeep to your dealership for this, and they will update the software to correct this problem. The “Service Passive Entry System” or the “Service Passive Entry Vehicle will not Shut Off or Restart” warning will not return.
  7. Resetting the system will fix any issues with your Jeep’s passive entry system and enable passive entry once more. To do that, disable the passive entry via Uconnect settings and unlock and lock your car. After doing so, unlock the car again and re-enable the settings. After re-enabling the settings, the passive entry should work fine. 

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Final Words

A passive entry system for your car provides convenience. Got a lot on your hands? Still, it’s simple to open the hatch. Simply press the handle button to lock the door and go. You don’t need to fight to insert the key or fumble in your pocket or bag. When you see the “Service Passive Entry System” error preventing you from doing that, go through the solutions, and you’ll get your passive entry system back online.

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