Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging: 7 Tips to Fix the Error 

If your car batteries are 2-3 years old, you may get an error message on your dashboard that says, “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging.”  

It happens when the main or auxiliary battery goes out or isn’t fully charged. The solution is to try charging the batteries by driving for an hour or more or charging with a charger overnight. If it doesn’t work, test your batteries. Replace both batteries if they fail the test. 

There can be other reasons, like a parasitic draw or electrical issues.

aux switches temporarily unavailable battery charging
Jeep: Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging

I’ll walk you through the process of identifying and fixing the issue step by step. You will know how to replace the batteries if you need to. Keep reading till the end!

What Does the Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging Error Mean?

There are two batteries in your Jeep. If you haven’t replaced them with any dual battery setup, there should be a larger main battery for the engine and a smaller auxiliary battery to power all electronics.

If your auxiliary battery fails, your Aux switches and auto stop/start system may stop working, among other things. Every time you start the car, you will get a message on the dashboard that says, “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging.”

You may find yourself stranded somewhere if it frequently happens while you’re driving. It generally means your battery voltage is below 12 volts, or your computer misreads them.

Uconnect has a safeguard that turns off non-essential electronics when the power is low. That’s why the Aux switches are not working. The engine’s slow start in the mornings is another thing you’ll notice. Your auto stop/start system may not stop the engine due to low battery charge.

What Are the Reasons for the “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” Error? What Are the Solutions?

1. Your Auxiliary Battery Is Going Out

If the main or auxiliary battery goes out, the “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error will appear on the screen because there is insufficient charge to work correctly.

The main and aux batteries from factories aren’t up to the mark. Hence, they don’t last very long. Typically, they last 2-3 years, less than that in extreme conditions. The main battery can die from a bad auxiliary battery. They can drain off of each other because they are connected parallelly. So, what should you do?

Check the display’s voltage meter to ensure it runs at 13.8 volts or more, which is right where it should be. If your batteries are neither new nor old, to be sure about them, load-test them separately. Ask for the read-out of the test if you do them at an Autoshop or your dealership.

If you change them, upgrade to the Genesis dual battery setup and charge the batteries for three days on the Noco charger. The charger will read green, and the voltage should be 13.8 volts when you disconnect the charger before start-up.

NOCO genius
NOCO Genius 2D Battery Maintainer

2. Faulty Alternator

Your alternator plays a crucial role in keeping the primary and auxiliary batteries charged while you’re using your Jeep. Hence, it can be another culprit behind the “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error.

If the alternator is damaged or not functioning correctly, it won’t effectively charge the batteries. Maintaining a battery voltage above 12 volts is essential. Before you consider replacing the batteries, inspect the alternator. If the alternator isn’t doing its job, merely changing the batteries won’t resolve the issue, and you’ll likely encounter the same problem again.

3. Battery Low on Charge

If you encounter the “Auxiliary Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error, it can be due to your battery being low on charge.

Many things can cause insufficient charge in the battery. If you don’t drive your Jeep daily or your trips are short, this can happen. The battery can lose charge if your alternator is getting weary or the weather is cold. These situations trigger the protective mechanism to temporarily cut power from the aux switches, especially in Jeep JLs, Gladiators, and 4XEs.

Ensure your battery receives a full charge. Either drive for an extended period or use a trickle charger. Regularly monitor and maintain your battery’s charge level to prevent the recurrence of this error.

4. Your Jeep Has Electrical Issues

If your auxiliary power outlet is not working, there may be potential wiring issues in your vehicle’s electrical system.

Check the Terminals

Ensure your battery cables are clean and firmly attached to your battery.

Check all connections. If any connection on the positive or negative post is loose, tighten it up. You will not get the “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error.

Check the Fuses and Relays

Sometimes, the relays need to be fixed. Check the relays, and if they have issues, fix them. Replace any blown fuses.

Check the Fuse Array

Check your high amp fuse array. If the N3 connector is blown, your alternator is not recharging your batteries, and this whole adventure will just happen to you again in a few months. If you replace both batteries but don’t replace a blown high amp fuse, things will seem fixed for a while, especially if you have auto stop/start turned off.

5. Cold Weather

The “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error may not necessarily indicate a drained battery in freezing conditions. Instead, it serves as a safeguard mechanism. When you start your vehicle in the cold, the computer prioritizes sending all available battery power to the ignition to prevent drain.

The warning message is a protective feature, temporarily cutting power from the aux switches when the battery is low. When the battery reaches an ideal charge level, the computer turns back on the aux switches. 

After driving for some time, the alternator kicks in, charging the battery and causing the warning to disappear. However, if the message persists or repeatedly surfaces while driving, it may indicate an underlying issue.

Jeep Jl Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging in Winter
Jeep Jl Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging Warning | Courtesy: Louie Truppa

6. You Don’t Drive Your Jeep Daily

Suppose the Jeep is not your daily driver, and sometimes you go weeks before driving it again. In that case, you should worry about the battery’s health because the charge can get low, and you will get an “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error on your 4xe. 

In that case, recharge the batteries to full capacity using a smart charger. Disconnect the battery. Wait for an hour, then reconnect it. The error message will disappear. Also, you need to put a tender on your car since it’s not a daily driver to fix your problem. After adding it to the battery charger, you won’t get the error message.

7. You Have a Parasitic Draw

Many things can drain your battery. But if you have installed any aftermarket, you should check those first, such as amp steps or additional lights. These things drain the battery only slightly, but that small amount can have an adverse effect.

In terms of parasitic draw, it makes no difference whether the steps are connected to the battery directly or via switches. The computer can simply turn off the power through the switches to preserve starting power. 

Dismantle your mods temporarily to see if the error message disappears. You can use a trickle charger to fix the issue of the parasitic draw. If you have any aftermarket modifications and you are getting the “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error message on your 4xe because of that, then upgrade to the Genesis Dual Battery Kit, and you will no longer get messages like that.

How Do You Charge the Jeep Auxiliary Battery So That You Don’t Get the Aux Switches Not Working Error?

Follow these steps to ensure your batteries’ longevity and optimal performance.

  • Check to see if your IBS is working correctly or not. Otherwise, your batteries won’t charge all the way. 
  • Get a smart charger and charge the batteries in battery-maintaining mode. 
  • If you don’t drive your car daily, don’t wait any longer to install a trickle charger. Install the NOCO by following the instructions. If you see a slow pulsing red light, the battery is charged below 75%.

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Final Words

The “Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging” error is put in place to protect the engine and non-essential electronics. If you get the error, check the battery to see if it is below the specified 12.6 volts charge. If it is, the auxiliary or both batteries are at risk. Change the batteries as soon as possible.

But before changing the batteries, check for any potential issues that could damage the batteries, like a parasitic drain, electrical problems, or a bad alternator. Because if these issues remain, your batteries won’t be in good health for long.

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