Uconnect Box Requires Service: 9 Tips to Solve This Issue

You see an error message on your dashboard: “Uconnect Box requires service. Please visit an authorized dealer.” You are confused and concerned to see that Uconnect needs service in your practically new Jeep or any other car.

Generally, it happens when you need to download a security certificate, your telematics box isn’t working, there is a connection issue with the satellite and Jeep system, the system is updating or looking for cell tower connection, the software needs to update, there is an issue with the subscription expiring, or there is a problem with the Uconnect box itself. It’s more of a software/firmware issue than a physical component.

Uconnect box requires service
Uconnect Box Requires Service Jeep Warning

Your dealership checks your Jeep for days and says there is no problem. It is a widespread problem associated with Uconnect 5 systems. I’ll help you navigate this difficult situation. I’ll tell you what the Uconnect box does and why your Jeep’s Uconnect box requires service. If you go through the steps below, you can solve the problem.

What Is the “Uconnect Box Requires Service” Error?

You see an error “Uconnect Box requires service. Please visit an authorized dealer.” randomly, occasionally several times per day, and occasionally just once every few weeks. The mechanics at the dealership tell you they can’t troubleshoot because the message is not active when you take it in for service. It randomly appears. It doesn’t need to meet certain conditions to display. Environment-related factors don’t have any effect at all. The pop-up does not indicate a radio malfunction that needs to be fixed by a dealership. The problem is with the Uconnect box. The error means it can’t communicate correctly with the vehicle manufacturer for some reason.


Your new car’s brain is called Uconnect. With Uconnect, you can start and unlock your vehicle from a distance, enter phone-based goals into your navigation system, and even call for assistance by pressing a button. You get a lot of great benefits from Uconnect, like the option to get a network unlike any other. You can use voice acknowledgment to control music and applications, as well as to make calls and send instant messages.  Uconnect lets you use the splendid features of SiriusXM Guardian to keep you associated with your Jeep in a manner you have never been.

Uconnect Box

It is a physical box that houses the Uconnect cellular component. It provides in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity features. It provides features such as navigation, music streaming, hands-free calling, and remote start. Uconnect boxes can also connect to the internet and access online services such as weather reports and traffic updates. You’ll find the Uconnect box behind the fuse box in a Jeep under the driver’s side dash. Take off the lower dash panel to get to it. Remove a few screws and then pop the panel off. You’ll see the Uconnect box mounted to the firewall. 

Don’t get confused with a similar message that says the “Battery of Uconnect box is temporarily low” or “Battery of Uconnect Box requires service”. It is a different problem. You need to replace the Uconnect box batteries, charge them, or replace the Uconnect box itself to fix that.

What are the Reasons for the “Uconnect Box Requires Service” Error? What’s the Solution?

What Are the Reasons for the “Uconnect Box Requires Service” Error? What’s the Solution? Sometimes the “Uconnect box requires service” error clears up after a few days. But sometimes, it persists. The reasons behind the error persisting are listed below:

Uconnect Box requires service. Please visit an authorized dealer.
Uconnect Box requires service. Please visit an authorized dealer.

1. You Need a Security Certificate

Your Telemetry Box Module (TBM) / radio needs to download data and a security certificate from the manufacturer to establish a connection with the server for the first time. If the security certificate download fails, the “Uconnect Box requires service. Please visit an authorized dealer.” error appears. 

If your Jeep can’t connect with the satellites, it won’t be able to download the certificate. Your dealership can tell you if you have them or not.

So, how do you download the certificate correctly?

  • Reset the ECU and clear the stored DTCs if there are any.
  • You need to be in an area with very good network coverage and GPS signals so the TBM can connect with the server.
  • Drive for about 5-7 km. Then, leave the ignition ON for about 10-20 minutes.
  • Turn off the engine, then turn it ON. See if the message clears. 
  • If the message doesn’t go away, you need multiple ignition cycles.
  • If, after 5 cycles, the message doesn’t go away, contact your dealership to create a STAR case.
  • Lastly, you can check the stored DTCs and try to fix the issues accordingly. Make sure the TBM connections and antenna/jumper harness are all right. 

If this error appears after replacing the TBM, this is most likely the issue.

2. You Need to Replace the Telemetry Box Module

You should check the Telemetry box module if you see the “Uconnect Box requires service” error message. After diagnosing the Telemetry box module/Telematics box, if you find it has gone bad, then wait for the replacement module to come in and replace the module. It will fix the error message, and the Uconnect app will sync with the car again.

3. Your Car Can’t Get a Satellite Signal

It can happen if the system tries to connect to cellular but can’t successfully due to a drop in network coverage. It’s likely a connection issue with the satellite and truck system. Leave the car in the parking, with a clear sky, to see its satellite network, leave the ignition on, and come back 20-30 minutes later. If the system is updating or looking for a cell tower connection, it can do so. Then, the error message will be gone.

4. You Need a Software Update

Some people complain that the “Uconnect box requires service” message appears even after replacing the telematics unit. In that case, check for updates.

If your Telemetry module is okay, check if a software update is available, but your car didn’t get it. Usually, you will get a pop-up indicating a software update is available. Update the software, and you will not have the issue again. Dealers may also do it by a wired connection to their computer. 

5. Your Telematics Box Needs an Update

On March 25, 22, the telematics box module received an over-the-air update. A prompt guiding you through an update should have appeared on your radio’s display. Visit your dealership to get the update if you did not get it or still having this “Uconnect Box requires service” issue.

6. Your Radio Needs an Update

Sometimes, your radio needs an update. Get the vehicle in for service, check the radio, and find out if it needs an update. If it isn’t fixed after updating, replace the radio. 

7. Your Uconnect Subscription Has Expired

  • If your Uconnect subscription has expired, even if you purchase it, it will not immediately work. Uconnect needs to resume Connect services at the back end.  
  • If you have a Uconnect subscription, call Uconnect now and tell them you are getting the “Unconnect box error see authorized dealer” error, the SOS button is not working, and the ASSIST button is not working. The Uconnect team will respond, and with an update, the issue will be fixed, and you will not receive the error.

8. You Need to Replace Your Uconnect Box

If nothing works and the “Uconnect box requires service” error still appears, it’s time to install a new Uconnect system. But before that:

  • Remove the radio unit and carefully check the wiring and cables. 
  • Remove the glovebox, check the connectors on the back of the Uconnect radio, and plug it tighter. There will be no more pop-up messages.

9. You Need to Reset the System

Also, you can reset to factory settings. To reset the systems, you can do the following:

Soft Reset

First, start by turning off your vehicle. After that, leave the driver-side door open for about 30 seconds. Now, close the door and restart the car. Check if the Uconnect system has reset.

Hard Reset

  • Turn on your vehicle.
  • Locate the Uconnect system screen.
  • Press the power/volume button for about 10 seconds.
  • Allow the system to shut down.
  • After a few seconds, turn the vehicle off.
  • Leave the driver’s side door open for about 30 seconds.
  • Restart the vehicle after closing the door.

Battery Disconnect

  • Disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery. 
  • Wait for about 15 minutes to allow the Uconnect system to reset.
  • Reconnect the negative terminal.

Factory Reset

(Be cautious with this method as it might erase personalized settings.)

  • Go to the Uconnect system settings.
  • Scroll down to the factory reset option. This might be under the “System” or “Settings” menu.
  • Confirm the action by pressing Yes.

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Final Words

Jeep engineers are probably aware of and working to fix this firmware/software issue. The telematics box module (TBM) will receive the fix via an over-the-air update. Until then, follow the guidelines we have given you and check to see if there is an issue with the satellite system, telemetry module, or the Uconnect box itself. Check to see if it needs any software updates as well. Fixing these issues will remove the “Uconnect box requires service” or “Uconnect box error see authorized dealer” error that you are seeing. And you can use the Uconnect system again. The system is fantastic if everything is working correctly.

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  1. This has been the most insightful article about this info so before I get into it..This is a terrible thing to have released on Jeep customers. They need to fix this with deliberateness so we don’t have to deal with this nonsense. It really tarnishs the brand. I have a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and this uconnect box error pops up every 1-5 min. Took it in 2 times with no luck the dealership can’t figure it out. Maybe they should read this post. Ultimately going back to my initial thought this issues need a deliberate action like a recall.

  2. Uconnect is a stain on the Jeep brand.
    It seems my only option is a new radio! WTH!

  3. Yes I had 2016 Jeep with no problems.
    This 2023 model has had 2 components and 2 boxes in less than a year. I have had the the same problem of constant box error each time that I start the SUV.

  4. I have the same issue with my 2021 Hellcat Durango. I took it to the dealership today and the service adviser said he just fixed another 2021 Hellcat Durango with the exact same issue. That one ended up needing a cable replaced from the radio to the telemetry box. I was told that 2021 was the first year they started using the telemetry box and they have been having a lot of problems with it. I’ve had a 2015 Citadel and a 2019 R/T Durango that never had this problem! Beyond annoyed.

  5. The message pop-ups more frequently in areas with poor cellular coverage ( it’s not satellite it connects with a normal cellphone network). The Module dates from 2021, thus previous models do not have the same issue.

    1. If you are updated and you have downloaded the security certificate I don’t think you can do much in this case. Maybe you can try another network provider with better coverage or try another modem or adapter if you use one.

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