Can You Tint Jeep Soft Top Windows? [Pros, Cons & DIY Guide]

Can you tint Jeep soft top windows? This is a very common question among Jeep enthusiasts. The answer is Yes! You can tint the soft top windows of your favorite Jeep. There are two approaches you can take to this. You can take your vehicle to the garage and hand it over to the technician to get it done, or you can do it yourself.

An experienced tinter will deliver the job within a few hours, and the precision will be on point. But you can assume you’ll have to give up a good amount of money. 

For curiosity’s sake or to save costs, you can do it yourself. The DIY process will save you a lot of cash. But let me remind you that you must be patient and precise during the whole tinting process. It certainly is more challenging than it seems to be.

Can You Tint Jeep Soft Top Windows?

So, now you know that tinting the soft top windows is not impossible. Your question is answered. But why should you or shouldn’t you tint your soft top windows? Have you thought it through properly? Is it worth it? Are you missing something?

Well, let’s think a bit together.

Why Should You Tint Soft Top Windows?

When investing a good amount of your money and time somewhere, you must know exactly where you’re putting it. Tinting soft top windows gets you a whole lot of benefits. Let’s jump right into some of them:

Reduced Glare and Heat

The main benefit of window tinting is the reduction in glare and heat. By their nature, soft-top vehicles may have less insulation than their hard-top counterparts. Tinted windows act as shields, blocking some of the sun’s harsh rays. Consequently, the interior of the Jeep becomes more comfortable. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, reducing glare and heat can make your journey significantly more enjoyable.

Reduced UV Exposure

UV rays are well-known to be harmful. Tinted windows shield your skin and eyes from these harmful rays. With the tint acting as a shield, you can enjoy your journey without worrying about sunburn or harmful UV exposure.

Increased Privacy

The tinted windows provide an added layer of security and personal space. Tinting makes it difficult for prying eyes to peer into your Jeep. If you cherish your freedom, tinted windows offer a way to shield your life from the curious gaze of others, granting you a sense of seclusion while on the road.

Increased Security

Security is paramount, and tinted windows can contribute to it. Obstructing the view into your Jeep makes it more challenging for potential thieves to ascertain if valuables are worth stealing. Delivering security and protecting your possessions.

Improved Appearance

Beyond the functional advantages, tinted windows can also augment the aesthetics of your vehicle. The added layer of darkness exudes style and sophistication, lending an air of mystery to your Jeep’s appearance.

Why You Shouldn’t Tint Soft Top Windows?

As I’ve already discussed, there are advantages to tinting soft-top windows. You should also check for disadvantages regarding this process. There are a few. Before you get started, let’s have a glance at them.

Reduced Visibility

Tinted windows minimize visibility. You must have seen it coming. That’s what they do. They block light. On a good sunny day, it does come in handy. But it is a drawback in a low light situation, like a cloudy day or evening.

Increased Heat Buildup

Another issue to consider is the heat buildup within your vehicle. Tinted windows, especially on hot days, can contribute to a significant increase in the interior temperature. Driving can become uncomfortable and even unbearable during scorching weather conditions. Also, prolonged exposure to excessive heat can damage the soft top material, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Damage to Soft Top Material

Mistakes can be costly when tinting soft top windows. The soft top material can be damaged. This damage can lead to leaks, compromising the integrity of your vehicle’s interior and potentially causing further issues.

Legal Issues

Tinting your vehicle might come with legal issues. Laws and regulations vary from state to state. So, you must double-check your local regulations regarding vehicles and tinting windows. You can only tint a specific part of the window in some states. Sometimes, you are not allowed to apply dark tints to the windows.


Many Jeep owners believe tinting the soft top windows is not worth it. The films are not cheap at all.

Now that you know both the upsides and downsides of tinting your soft top windows, it’ll help you decide your next move.

If you continue, go to a tinting professional for the best result. If you’re an adventurer and want to do this yourself, I’ve prepared a DIY instruction set for you. Follow the easy and simple steps and have your Jeep’s soft top windows tinted in no time.

Can You Tint Jeep Soft Top Windows by Yourself?

If you know what you’ll do and have clear instructions, you are halfway there. You just need to be patient and detail-oriented.

I’ll describe the whole DIY tinting soft top windows process step-by-step. I’ll keep it simple and easy.

Preparation: You must ensure you have specific tools needed while tinting your windows. They are:

  • Films
  • A Cleaner
  • A Squeegee
  • A Window Razor
  • A Knife
  • A Plastic Card
  • A Heat Gun

You can get started once you have gathered all of these items. Follow the steps carefully for the best result:

  1. Cleaning the windows: First things first, thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of the windows. Use any cleaning product to wipe the smears, marks, and moisture off the windows. If anything is left behind, it’ll create bubbles under the film. Then, dry it using a squeegee and a window razor.
  2. Shape the film: Spray some water on the window. It will help the film sit gently on the window, making adjustments easier. Put the film on the window. Precisely cut the film according to the edges of the window to make it fit perfectly using a knife.
  3. Get the film ready: Remove the backing from the film. Keep it moist all the time to handle it easily.
  4. Apply the film: Finally, apply the film to the surface of the window. You can apply the film both inside and outside the window. I recommend using the outside. It’ll protect the windows from getting scratched. Start from the middle and use a plastic card to push the film to the corners of the window. Get rid of any bubbles. Straighten the film with a bit of heat using a heat gun.

You can watch this video for instructions in more detail.

How to Store Jeep Soft Top Windows?

Depending on whether you want them or not, there are many options.

  • You can have a seamstress make you a window bag out of fabric you purchase from somewhere like Walmart. 
  • You can also lay them out in your garage on towels. 
  • If you don’t need them with you, hang them in the garage using pants hangers or a Quadratec Soft Top Storage Hanger. 
  • You can get window rolls and bags from Jeep part manufacturers. You neatly stack the windows between five layers of soft clothes. After that, roll the stack up and put it in a bag.
  • There are a lot of portable window storage products at Quadratec. You should choose the one with cloth dividers so your windows are separated and unscratched. It protects your windows while the vehicle is moving.

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Final Words

Jeeps are undoubtedly versatile vehicles. This is the reason that attracts the users most, and they grow fond of it quickly. The broad range of customizability of Jeeps makes them popular among adventurous riders.

Tinting windows to make a Jeep more usable and safer is one of the first things you can try after owning one. Overall, whether or not to tint your soft top windows is your personal decision. It is important to weigh the pros and cons. 

So, if you want the exact answer to the query, can you tint Jeep soft top windows? You are now informed enough about the query “Can you tint Jeep soft top windows?” to decide. If you still need clarification, Please comment with any further questions!

Keep vrooooming!

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