How To Soften A Jeep Soft Top?

An open Jeep is the best option for experiencing quiet relaxation while traveling. We can all imagine the comfort and adventure of traveling in an open Jeep to spend some great leisure time during your weekends. Every open Jeep requires a convertible soft top. But sometimes, maintenance seems to be a little hard, especially when keeping your Jeep’s soft top softened. Today I’m going to share some amazing tips and tricks about how to soften a Jeep soft top. Some easy ways, like hot water solutions and specified products targeted to care for your convertible soft top. The cheapest way to make it waterproof will be a bonus.  

how to soften a Jeep soft top

So, get ready for the best care options to soften your Jeep soft top and enhance the overall performance of your favorite vehicle! Don’t miss it till the end!

Most Natural Way to Soften Your Jeep Soft Top 

Natural sunlight is one of the best and easiest ways to soften your Jeep’s soft top. If you notice that your Jeep’s top has gotten a little tight, simply keep your Jeep in the sunlight and let the sunlight do the work for you. Always keep your vehicle in soft sunlight. Soft sunlight will help you soften your Jeep’s soft top, but hard sunlight can cause damage to your Jeep’s soft top. So be aware of it.

Other Ways to Soften Your Jeep Soft Top 

Always keep in mind that finding the right path is the first step toward completion. Here, you’ll find the easy steps you can follow to soften the top without any hassle. I’ve been following these steps for a long, long time now and have found them to be very useful and time-saving for me. I recommend you follow them as they appear here.

Hot Water Solution: 

This is an easy solution. You don’t need much other than a bowl of hot water and a soft brush. Always use safety gloves. 

  • Step 1: Prepare some hot water and dip your brush in it. 
  • Step 2: Wipe the hot water brush on the convertible soft top; it is better to use a circular motion. 
  • Step 3: Slowly wipe up the whole top. It will soften your Jeep’s soft top. 

If it needs a little more, let it dry in the sunlight, take it for a spin, and run the whole process again. 

Waterproofing Jeep Soft Top: 

To keep your Jeep’s convertible soft top healthier and softer, it requires a waterproofing system. The materials of your soft top can be damaged by exposure to water. If you keep it safe from the water by waterproofing it, your convertible soft top will remain healthy and soft. 

Keep Your Convertible Soft Top Clean: 

This is another important key to softening your Jeep’s soft top. Always keep it clean by using some cleanser product. Your convertible soft top will remain healthier and softer. 

Keep Moisture in: 

Lack of moisture is another big reason for the Jeep soft top to get hard. Keep moisture in to soften your convertible soft top. You can use some specialized products to retain moisture. 

Keep in mind that the cleaners for your Jeep’s window and convertible soft top are different. The Jeep’s window cleaner contains an ammonia-based cleaning solution that can make your convertible soft top rough and damaged. Also, automatic car washing is not suitable for the convertible soft top on your Jeep. The chemicals can make your convertible soft top hard and rough.

Jeep soft top maintenance

Specialized Products to Soften Your Jeep Soft Top 

There are dedicated products available on the market to soften the Jeep soft top. You can simply collect them and use them as directed to soften the top with literally no time or effort. You just have to mark your preferences, select the best option for you, and go for it. 

In the market, you can find –


Many restorers are available on the market to take care of your Jeep’s soft top. Most of them are used for leather and convertible soft tops. Basically, restorers are spray systems; spray them on a clean towel and wipe the whole convertible soft top. It will help you to soften your Jeep’s soft top. 


A lot of cleansers are available on the market to take care of your Jeep’s soft top. This is a package to keep your Jeep’s soft top clean, soft, conditioned, and moist. It will keep your soft top looking like new.  It will help you soften your Jeep’s soft top. You can use Gtechniq W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner or Protex Convertible Soft Top Care Kit for this.

Clean Zippers: 

Soft top zippers can jam if they are too dirty. Specialized zipper lubricants can work, but a good old WD-40 will do just fine. First, clean the zipper using a small brush, then pour the good old WD-40 down to the teeth. 

If you have already made up your mind about which method to choose, you can easily use that on your Jeep’s soft top. It’s as simple as just spraying that on the surface of the soft top and wiping the whole top with a clean towel. You’re done.


Q: How can I turn my convertible soft top waterproof? 

A: You can find some of the cheapest waterproofing formulas in the shop, like ‘Fabsil’. Just spray it on your convertible soft top and watch the magic!

Q: Is regular window cleaner applicable for convertible soft top cleaning? 

A: No! Regular window cleaner solutions contain ammonia-based particles that harm your convertible soft top. It can make it rough. Use a specialized convertible soft top cleaner.

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Final Words

Things last a long time when you take proper care of them. You must want your favorite Jeep to stay longer with you, as pretty as it was when you first stepped in it. You don’t need to spend big bucks every now and then to keep them shiny and as good as a newly purchased one. Just make sure that every component of the car receives the proper attention. As an owner, you fairly have to maintain that regular care routine. 

Hopefully, you now understand how to soften a Jeep soft top. From my side, I will keep providing you with every little thing that I experience by sharing my life with a Jeep. You can leave a comment and ask for solutions if you have any further queries.

Keep vrooooming! 

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