Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable: How To Fix?

In the world of modern cars, safety is super important. Cars are getting smarter all the time. Jeep’s Blind Spot Monitoring System is a new invention. It helps you change lanes safely and avoid accidents. Like any electronic system, it can sometimes act up and stop working. You may get the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable warning on your Jeep. 

So, what are the reasons behind the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable error on your Jeep dashboard? It may be because of some dirty or faulty sensors, wires not connecting properly due to shorts or faulty connectors or corrosion, damage to the rear bumper, software glitches, or the BSM module not doing its job right.

Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable
Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable Jeep Warning

I will talk about these common problems that can happen with the Blind Spot Monitoring System in Jeeps. You’ll know why your blind spot detection is becoming unavailable, what to expect, and how to fix the problem of your Jeep’s blind spot detection not working. 

Let’s dive in and learn what the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable warning means.

What Does the “Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable” Warning Mean?

If you see the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable message on your Jeep’s dashboard with both side mirror indicators lighting up, you may wonder why this is happening and what to do. This message is related to your vehicle’s Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM), a handy feature that helps you stay safe on the road by detecting objects in your blind spots and giving you warnings while driving. 

However, when you see this message, it’s not good news – it means that something is not right with your Blind Spot Monitoring System, and the system has been turned off to prevent any issues. Without the BSM, you won’t receive warnings about objects or vehicles lurking in your blind spots, so driving cautiously is crucial. Jeep Compass, Wrangler JL, Gladiator, Cherokee, and Jeep Grand Cherokee are mostly prone to this error.

Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable Jeep Grand Cherokee Warning
Jeep Grand Cherokee: Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable

When you start your Jeep, the BSM System is self-tested. During this test, both side mirror indicators will light up briefly. They should turn off once the test is done, indicating everything works fine. However, if they stay on for an extended period, you may also see a Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required message on your car’s center screen. If this happens and your vehicle is still under warranty, it’s a good idea to have it checked by your dealership. They can scan for error codes and fix any issues causing the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable problem in your Jeep. Ensuring your Blind Spot Monitoring System is in good shape is vital for your safety on the road. 

Let’s learn how your blind spot sensor can get blocked and what the reasons are behind your blind spot alert becoming unavailable.

What Causes the “Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable” Warning? Let’s Understand!

Problems with the Blind Spot Monitoring System can be a frustrating experience for you. It can potentially jeopardize safety, especially in heavy traffic. Understand the possible causes of the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable message so that you can troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly.

Sensors Are Covered With Dirt

The number one cause of this issue is that sensors can get dirty over time, especially if you go off-roading. The Blind Spot Monitoring System relies on sensors to detect nearby objects. If these sensors are obstructed or dirty, they may not function correctly. Dirt, snow, mud, or any blockage on the sensors can trigger system errors. Your blind spot assist will be unavailable, and you will see the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable warning. 

A Faulty Connection

Yes, a faulty connection can cause a Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM) to display the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable warning. A faulty connection can include many things. The driver-side door connector pins may be bent. Those pins are sensitive. It could also be that the driver-side radar connection has become corroded. The tail light connectors may not be pushed all the way. Also, your rear camera connection can have issues. It can get corroded. 

Some Bodywork Has Been Done

The Blind Spot Monitoring System makes use of two radars that are hidden behind the fascia of the rear side bumper. If you have recently bumped your rear bumper into something and dented your tailgate or damaged your rear bumper, then you may have this problem. Also, if someone went under the front seat compartment and knocked a connection loose, you can have this Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable problem. 

If your Jeep got damaged and you took it to a body shop for repair, then the paint job that you had done to your rear bumper may be a little heavier than what’s recommended. Many people have faced issues with aftermarket paint jobs after accidents because they get in the way of those radars. 

Sensors Aren’t Installed Properly

Incorrect sensor placement during bodywork or repairs can cause problems. Sensors must be installed correctly and in the right orientation, to function as intended. The orientation of the sensors can be easily confused. They are round. But they have a top and bottom side. You need to install it correctly. The black side should be outside against the bumper, and the silver side should be inside.

If you had some body work done and had the sensors reinstalled, or if your sensors were bad, you had them replaced, and after that, you had the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable issue, you may have had your sensors replaced in the bumper upside down. 

Sensor Failure 

Just like any machine, sensors can wear out or fail over time. When faulty sensors in the rear bumper fail to detect surrounding objects, it can trigger a Blind Spot Monitoring System error. 

Loose/Blown Fuses

Modern cars rely heavily on electrical systems. Electrical malfunctions, such as loose fuses or wiring problems, can disrupt the Blind Spot Monitoring System’s operation. If you have blown or loose fuses, they can cause this issue.

Faulty BSM Module

Your Blind Spot Monitoring System can become faulty. In that case, it will stop working because there is a problem with the system, and you will get the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable error message. 

To tackle these issues effectively, it’s crucial to identify the specific cause behind the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable message. Let’s learn how to fix the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable warning on your Jeep.

Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable: How To Fix?
Jeep Wrangler JL: Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable

How Do You Fix the “Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable” Warning?

Here are some possible solutions to address issues with the Blind Spot Monitoring System:

1. Clean the Sensors

Ensure all sensors are clean, including those on the bumper and each taillight for the Blind Spot Monitoring System. Also, confirm that the camera is clean, as these components are interconnected.

2. Confirm Perfect Reconnection

Disconnect and reconnect the connectors, especially those related to the door sensors. Check the connectors for any bent or broken pins. These connections are crucial for the system’s operation. 

Remember, you may get errors from one side, like the passenger side, but the issue might be on the other side, like the driver side. So always check both sides. 

3. Inspect the Wiring Harness

If you encounter the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable error message, inspect the wiring harness for the system. Look for any loose or damaged wires. Properly functioning wiring is crucial for the BSM to work correctly. 

4. Recheck After Accidents or Bodywork

Inspect the rear bumper and tailgate for any dents or damage that may obstruct the radar’s functionality. Additionally, check the front seat compartment to ensure no connections were knocked loose during bodywork. If you had aftermarket paint applied to your rear bumper, be aware that it could be thicker than recommended, potentially interfering with the radars. To resolve these issues, consider thoroughly inspecting the bumper and radar areas and, if necessary, repainting the bumper with the proper paint thickness to ensure it doesn’t obstruct the radar signals. 

5. Ensure Proper Sensor Installation

If your sensors were installed upside down during bodywork or replacement, and you’re facing a blind spot alert issue, ensure the sensors are correctly oriented. They should have their black side facing outward against the bumper and their silver side facing inward. This should restore the proper functioning of your sensors.

6. Replace Sensors

If your Blind Spot Monitoring System is showing an error due to faulty sensors in the rear bumper, clean them if needed. If the issue persists, it may be a sensor malfunction, and you need to replace or repair the faulty sensors. Faulty sensors can disrupt the entire system. It may be necessary to replace multiple sensors if the issue is intermittent. Regular maintenance and sensor checks can help prevent these errors in the future.

7. Inspect Fuses

Examine all fuses and relays to ensure they are correctly seated. Sometimes, reseating a loose fuse can resolve sensor issues. You can also try pulling and reinserting the fuse related to the Blind Spot Monitoring System. Ensure there are no blown fuses.

8. Replace/Repair BSM Module

If your Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM) shows a Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable error message, it likely means there’s a problem with the BSM module. To fix this, start by restarting the car, which may reset the BSM module. You may need to diagnose, fix, or replace the BSM module if the problem does not go away.

9. Software Reset

If you suspect a software issue, try resetting the configurations after cleaning all sensors and washing the car. Software-related issues can frequently be fixed in this way.

10. Calibration Check

If you’ve had bodywork done on your vehicle, ensure the blind spot sensors are correctly oriented and calibrated. Misalignment or incorrect installation can lead to errors. Calibration may be needed to set everything right.

Depending on the specific issue you’re facing, one or more of these actions may restore the proper functioning of your system. If the blind spot warning light stays on, consulting with the dealership, who can perform in-depth diagnostics, may be necessary.

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Final Words

Don’t let the Blind Spot Monitoring System blind you! When working correctly, a Blind Spot Monitoring System is a valuable safety feature that can significantly enhance your driving experience. As a default feature in modern vehicles, including the Jeep Cherokee, it makes it easier for drivers to stay safe on the road.

So, when the Jeep dashboard shows warning signs like the Blind Spot Alert Temporarily Unavailable, it clearly indicates that something may be amiss with your Blind Spot Monitoring System.

There can be various reasons behind the warning, including sensor problems, bad connections (corrosion), bad ground, dirt, damage, or electrical issues. To ensure your safety and the proper functioning of the Blind Spot Monitoring System, diagnose and find a resolution quickly.

In the meantime, remember to drive cautiously. Although a useful tool, a Blind Spot Monitoring System cannot replace safe driving practices. With the system’s assistance and careful driving, you can continue to enjoy safer journeys on the road.

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  1. I really appreciate this article!

    We have had our 2021 jeep compass in for this issue 9 times since September. Two dealerships so far can’t figure it out. I started my career as an electronic technician, and it seems like there aren’t enough troubleshooting tools in the software of there is a lack of training in service? I try to give them my observations and questions, but their eyes glaze over. I may have to go over your list myself.

    I am very curious about the car’s computer software. It seems to me that the code needs some work. There should be accommodation in the program for sensor issues and sufficient information displayed somewhere to indicate the source of the problem. I hate to see the service department invest so much money on replacing parts and the time it takes to do it. They have been good to give my wife at least 6 brand new jeeps to drive while they fix it, but she really wants her car back.

    1. It’s a real shame that you have to go through this. I hope you get your car properly fixed. Let me know the solution in the comments.

      1. They are still working on it. My wife has had 9 new cars while it’s been in the shop. They keep changing wires and sensors. Shes only been able to drive for 6 weeks out of the last 6 months. This is getting very frustrating. They have opened at least two starcase’s on this car. My wife is very frustrated and this is crazy

  2. I had the BSM unavailable come on in my 2018 Jeep Cherokee. When that happened, none of the dashboard electronics would work. U Connect screen dark, can’t change the heat/air blower speed, only old analog speedometer and tach will work. Nothing digital. AND! I had my drivers side window open completely for the ATM when it happened & I cannot get the window up! The window buttons in front do not work. Back windows will work. In addition, the dome and overhead lights stay on while the car is running but do shut off after the interval passed that they were set with. No accidents or body work have been done. No off road or specific rains, snowing. The car starts & stops normally brakes work normally. I haven’t read anywhere about the loss of electronics when the BSM unavailable warning light comes on. HELP!

    1. I haven’t encountered such a problem before. It’s an intriguing case. My suggestion is that you check all the wiring harnesses and grounds for any loose connection, especially anything connected to the BSM module. You should check the BSM module too.

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