Jeep Remote Start Not Working – Why? What To Do?

Nowadays, you can start your Jeep remotely using the key fob or even through the Uconnect app. It facilitates Jeep riding conveniently by starting your car quickly and securely from a distance. Meanwhile, Jeep remote start not working has become a widespread issue for the Jeep owners. 

Some conditions, such as the doors and hood being closed, the gear selector being in the park, the liftgate not being open, the PANIC button being off, etc., must be met to use the remote start feature. If not, you will see the “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” or “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset” error on your dashboard, and the Jeep remote start won’t work.

Apart from the obvious reasons, usually, remote start doesn’t work when your key fob has a problem, you have battery issues, your fuel level is low, your check engine light is on, your door or hood isn’t closed correctly, you have incorrect programming, or you have remotely started your car too many times without inserting the key. 

In this article, I will guide you on how to find the exact problem and solve it quickly. So, let’s get started! 

What Do the “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” and “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset” Warnings Mean?

Actually, all of the conditions listed below must be satisfied before the engine will remotely start: 

  • Gear Selector is in PARK. 
  • The doors are closed. 
  • The hood is closed. 
  • The liftgate is not open. 
  • The hazard switch is turned off. 
  • The brake switch is inactive (i.e., the brake pedal is not pushed). 
  • The battery has sufficient charge. 
  • The PANIC button is off. 
  • The system is not disabled from the previous remote start event. 
  • The car alarm indicator light is flashing. 
  • The ignition is turned OFF. 
  • The fuel level is more than the required amount. 
  • The tire pressure is not low. 
Jeep Remote Start Not Working
Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset Jeep Warning

If one or more conditions are not met, or there are other issues, you will experience your Jeep remote start not working, and you will get a “remote start disabled system fault” or “remote start disabled start vehicle to reset” message on your dashboard. These dashboard warnings and remote start problems are pretty common among Jeep models, including the Jeep Compass, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, Jeep Renegade, Jeep Cherokee, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

If the vehicle cannot be remotely started or exits remote start too soon, the following additional remote start abort messages may also appear in the instrument cluster: 

  • Remote Start Cancelled: Door Open 
  • Remote Start Cancelled: Hood Open 
  • Remote Start Cancelled: Fuel Low 
  • Remote Start Aborted: Timer Expired 
  • Remote Start Aborted: Liftgate Open

Until the ignition is ON, the message on the instrument cluster display will be visible. 

The Reasons Behind Jeep Remote Start Not Working & Possible Solutions:

Let’s look at why the “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” and “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset” Jeep errors appear and what solutions are available for the Jeep remote start not working. It can happen due to multiple reasons. They are: 

  • Your key fob needs to be fixed. 
  • You have battery issues
  • Freezing weather. 
  • Your fuel level is low. 
  • Your check engine light is on. 
  • Door Ajar Problem. 
  • Hood Ajar Problem. 
  • Incorrect programming of the remote start. 
  • Few remotes start without inserting the key. 
  • Tire pressure and Coolant problems. 
  • The transmission solenoid has issues. 
  • Valet mode is active on the remote starter. 
  • Hazard lights are active.  
  • The vehicle is not in park mode. 
  • The remote starter switch is disabled. 

Among these, the most common reason behind the Jeep remote start not working is the battery issue of the key fob. If the key fob battery dies, the remote start will never work. To solve this issue, replace your key fob battery; hopefully, it will work again!  

If the key fob’s battery is in good condition and you see the “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” or “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset” error, follow each step to find the exact problem and solve it as soon as possible.  

So, let’s start!

1. Key Fob Problem

I’ve already mentioned it; the most probable reason behind the Jeep remote start not working and throwing the “remote start disabled system fault” or “remote start disabled start vehicle to reset” error is a dead battery in the Jeep key fob. 

But the key fob can be damaged too. In that case, you need to repair or replace it. The jeep key fob is repairable; consult a trusted repairer before replacing it. 

Remember, sometimes your key fob may not function if there is radio interference where you are right now. 

2. Battery Issues

The battery of the vehicle supplies power to remote start systems. The Jeep remote start will not work with a weak or dead battery. The voltage drops to a precise level when the sequence begins, causing it to bail out before engaging the starter. You won’t notice much difference in the number of amps a good and a bad battery can supply when you load test it, but there is a difference in the voltage level. The difference is a marginally low voltage during the crank. 

To fix battery issues that cause your remote start system to show errors like “remote start disabled system fault” or “remote start disabled start vehicle to reset jeep”: 

  • Clean and secure all the corroded and loose connections, if there are any. 
  • Check the battery in the car. Charge the battery if it is dead or running low. You can also attempt jump-starting the battery. If your battery is damaged or cannot maintain a charge, it may need to be replaced. 
  • Sometimes faulty starters and alternators cause the battery to discharge or not charge properly. In that case, speak with your dealership or a reliable mechanic. 

3. Check Engine Light Is On

Will the remote start work while the check engine light is on? – it’s an age-old question among Jeep riders. If your check engine light is on, your Jeep engine has issues. It needs a quick repair. In that case, the Jeep remote start won’t work. You will get the “remote start disabled system fault” or “remote start disabled start vehicle to res” error on your instrument cluster.

Jeep Check Engine Light Flashing
Jeep Remote Start Not Working Check Engine Light

Specific engine codes prevent remote starting. If there is an error code, it must be fixed before the remote start can work. Find out exactly what is turning on the check engine light. The remote start shutting off is similar to a “self-defense” mechanism. When a problem is detected, the computer shuts down.

Visit a dealership and ask if they can perform a quick scan for the causes or faults that prevent remote starters. Usually, the last five are held in history. Do not drive your Jeep in this situation. 

4. Too Many Remote Starts Without Inserting the Key

A maximum of two remote starts are allowed for the vehicle. A maximum of one failed remote start for the vehicle is also permitted. If you remote start your car too many times consecutively without inserting the key and turning on the ignition, remote start will be disabled. You need to start your vehicle manually to reset the system.  

5. Freezing Weather

Sometimes you will see Jeep remote start is not working in the morning. Especially if it’s freezing cold outside. A key fob’s battery can be affected by cold weather and the main battery inside the car if there is snow on the hood. Extreme cold may affect battery performance and signal transmission range. The key fob’s electronic components could also become sluggish due to the cold, affecting how well it works.

If everything is okay in cold weather, the Jeep remote start system will undoubtedly function. There is clarity about it. If you are facing any issue regarding the remote start of your Jeep in cold weather, the reasons can be the above points, not the environment’s temperature. 

6. Door Ajar Problem

Door ajar means your Jeep’s doors need to be closed properly. In that case, the Jeep remote start will be disabled. The error message on the screen will say, “Remote Start Aborted Door Ajar.” To solve it, simply open and close the door again. Hopefully, the problem will be solved. 

Door Ajar

But if the error persists, the door latch has problems. You have to check the door latch to solve it. I suggest going to an expert mechanic to replace or repair it.  

7. Hood Ajar Problem

If your Jeep hood is not closed correctly, an error will appear on your dashboard. If it occurs, then the Jeep remote start won’t work. The error message on the dash will say something like “remote start aborted hood ajar.” Open and close your hood to check if the error message has disappeared. 

Remote Start Aborted - Hood Ajar

If the problem isn’t solved, there may be issues with the hood switch. Generally, it is attached to the hood latch. You have to replace the hood latch to solve this issue.  

Even after replacing the hood ajar switch, if the problem doesn’t disappear, there is an alternative solution. Add a resistor to bypass the hood ajar switch. I’ll suggest consulting an expert technician to do it accurately.  

8. Incorrect Programming of Remote Start

The data module in your remote starter makes it simpler to connect with the computer system in your car. The remote start function may be disabled by malfunctioning the Jeep computer system. It might be a software issue, a programming issue, or a system issue. 

  • Check the computer programming in your Jeep. 
  • You should reprogram some components or update the software.  

You must bring your vehicle to the dealership so a mechanic can professionally reprogram the system. If you try to fix it yourself, you might cause more problems. The remote start should function properly once the programming problem has been fixed. 

9. Low Fuel Level

If the fuel level in your Jeep tank is low, the low fuel light comes on. In this situation, the Jeep remote start won’t work. The error message on the screen will say, “Remote Start Cancelled — Fuel Low.” Even if it starts, it will shut down automatically after 10-30 seconds. To solve it, reload the fuel in your Jeep and try again. Hopefully, your problem will be solved.  

Remote Start Aborted Fuel Low
Remote Start Aborted – Fuel Low | Courtesy: MikesCarInfo

10. Tire Pressure and Coolant Problems

You will find the Jeep remote start not working if: 

  • There is low tire pressure. 
  • The coolant temperature is too high. 
  • The radiator or expansion tank doesn’t have enough coolant. 
  • The oil pressure sensor indicates that the pressure is too high.  
  • The oil pressure sensor indicates that the oil pressure is too low.  

Then remote start will throw the “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” or “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset” Jeep warning. The root cause of the coolant or pressure problem must be found to resolve this issue.

  • Look for leaks in both systems and fix them if you find any. Then, add enough coolant or oil until you reach the required level.  
  • If necessary, fix and replace the water pump and radiator. 

Wait about 10 minutes for your car to cool off before checking the coolant and oil temperatures once more if your coolant temperature is too high. 

Once the coolant, pressure, and temperature levels are within normal ranges, the remote start should function again. 

11. Transmission Solenoid Problems

The signal for starting your Jeep is sent by the transmission solenoid. If it is broken, the remote start system won’t work correctly, and the message “Remote Start Disabled” will appear. Check the solenoid to see if you need to repair or replace it. You might see the Check Engine light as well.  

12. Valet Mode is Active on the Remote Starter

Having the car in drive mode is another significant factor in the remote start system being disabled. Usually, if the vehicle is not in park mode, the Jeep remote start does not work. For safety reasons, the car cannot be remotely started while not in parking mode. To try the remote start again, simply put the car in the park. You should read the additional reasons listed below if it doesn’t work.  

13. Hazards Lights are Active: 

One way to let other drivers know you’re having trouble and need to stop your car is to turn on your hazard lights. You must turn off your hazard lights for the remote starter to work. Before using your remote start device, turn off the hazard lights.  

14. Vehicle Not in Park Mode: 

Many car remotes have a “Valet Mode” that momentarily turns off the remote starting functionality. This mode is typically turned on to protect the mechanic while he troubleshoots the car. Simply press and hold a number of buttons on your remote to activate this mode. Pay attention to your car’s parking lights to determine whether this mode is active. If they don’t flash when you use the remote to lock and unlock your car doors, you’re probably in valet mode. Disengaging the mode will quickly fix this problem.  

  • Start the engine, then press the brake ten times. You’ll notice the module blinking twice right now. You can tell you are already out of valet mode when this happens.  
  • You must simultaneously press the trunk and lock buttons when igniting. It will now blink twice to indicate that you are no longer in valet mode.  

15. The Remote Starter Switch is Disabled: 

A starter switch that turns off the remote starter system is built into some car remotes. During regular use, the switch might be accidentally turned off. Jeep remote start won’t work, then. This switch is typically found in the car’s fuse boxes or the dashboard. Once you find it, flip the switch back on, and your system will start working again. 

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Final Words

Every Jeep enthusiast is habituated to starting their Jeep using the remote facility. It is essential for persons with restricted mobility who cannot physically turn the ignition key. But it is really worrying if the remote start does not work correctly. 

Hopefully, by checking the above conditions, you can now find the exact reason behind the Jeep remote start not working and the best solution. You will never have to see the “Remote Start Disabled System Fault” or “Remote Start Disabled Start Vehicle to Reset” Jeep error again. For any kind of repair or replacement, I suggest going to an expert mechanic to do it the best way. 

Wishing you an excellent experience with your favorite Jeep! If you face any further issues regarding this remote starting, please don’t hesitate to comment below! 

Keep vrooooming! 

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  1. I have a jeep compass 2017 and it has been having problems with the remote starter that no one has been able to fix. It will start no problem and then nothing the brake won’t depress for the starter engage and I end up stranded had both batteries charged 5 months ago changed battery in key fob so frustrated need someone to help fix this any ideas

    1. Most of the cases why the remote start doesn’t work is explained in the article. There’s not much else apart from these issues.
      My suggestion is you investigate the battery voltage. Maybe the batteries are being drained by something.

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